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  • Review: Fractured won't exactly change your world, but has a good try

    Movie Review | Luke Whiston | 29th October 2019

    One of my favourite subgenres of horror is the one where there's a huge build up to something tragic, and then you tag the 'sad trombone' sound effect on the end, rendering it hilarious. Like at the end of The Mist when Tom Jane euthanises a car full of survivors because they think the monsters are coming and there's no escape, but when he steps outside it's the army rumbling down the road to rescue them. Sad trombone dot mp3! Fractured is like that but every scene.

  • Wrath Of The Titans

    Movie Review | Matt | 30th March 2012

    When you consider the critical shitpanning that was given to Clash Of The Titans upon release, it's hard to understand how a sequel was ever greenlit. Absurd plot points, stilted dialogue and 3D so eye-bleedingly bad it nearly undid all of Avatar's goodwill singlehandedly...and yet here we are again. With the promise of bigger and better monsters - and a new, less anachronistic haircut for Sam Worthington - is this film a vast improvement? Nuh-uh.

  • Man On A Ledge

    Movie Review | Rob | 30th January 2012

    Go into this cold turkey and you could be forgiven for thinking Man On A Ledge is a contemporary commentary on the current state of the economy. Let's look at the evidence, shall we? It's set in New York, there are mentions of "this economy" followed by tutting, Ed Harris wears a sharp suit and smokes cigars like a boss (lit with $100 bills I hope ) and, oh, there's a bloke perched on a ledge threatening to throw himself off.

  • Avatar: Special Edition; news on the Even Specialler DVD

    Movie Review | Rob, Ali | 27th August 2010

    Attention, Avatards. First up, we've got Rob's review of the Avatar: Special Edition and what to expect in the nine additional minutes. Then follows news about the DVD even-specialler edition, with sixteen new minutes. Then follows... you get the idea. Yeah, this is basically the new Star Wars now.

  • Movie trailer: The Debt, starring Sam Worthington

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 21st July 2010

    It's a movie about terrorists and Jews, so it's a bit like Munich, only no one has daddy issues and the Hulk isn't in it.

  • Clash Of The Titans

    Movie Review | Matt | 5th April 2010

    The original Clash Of The Titans is one of those movies that many people remember fondly from their childhood and usually this is reason enough to swear off any kind of remake. This time, however, all eyes seem to be on how modern-day special effects can improve upon Ray Harryhausen's impressive (but, let's be honest, dated) efforts. Well, come out of retirement, Ray - your stop motion techniques are still preferable to soulless CGI and needless 3D.

  • Sam Worthington to play Dracula?

    Movie News | Matt | 26th January 2010

    With Avatar now officially the highest grossing film of all time, Sam Worthington can now look around him, say "My work here is done" and move on to making the same kind of movies as everyone else. Vampire movies.

  • Avatar

    Movie Review | Ali | 16th December 2009

    How to rate a film like Avatar? Do just that: review the film, not the hype. Believe what you've heard industry execs raving about and James Cameron's latest opus is a "game-changer", supposedly the biggest cinematic revolution since the advent of colour film and talking pictures. These are superlatives impossible to qualify; exactly how do you know you've changed the game if play has yet to resume? No, the only way to analyse Avatar is to strip it down of all its baggage until you're left with the core experience: cold, hard data. And what do you get?

  • New Clash Of The Titans trailer: God Of War fights Cloverfield

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 13th December 2009

    There's a new trailer for God-bothering action romp Clash Of The Titans, which is looking increasingly like a videogame button-masher crossed with a Gwar video. Dude, if I wasn't typing right now, I'd be throwing up BOTH HORNS! (*mosh*)

  • Clash Of The Titans posters, um, clash

    Movie News | Ali | 10th December 2009

    It's ancient history meets thrash metal, MOTHERFUCKER! Brand new posters for the mythical action epic that won't tidy its bedroom.