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  • Jupiter Ascending

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 6th February 2015

    There’s no excuse for actively willing a film to fail, but sometimes it just seems written in the stars – when all the planets align for a colossal mess of galactic proportions – and, in that instance, all you can do is hope that the film is so ludicrous in its concept and execution that it becomes that rare creation: a film so unintentionally hilarious, it provides the funniest movie experience of the year. With Channing Tatum’s Spock ears and gravity roller skates, Eddie Redmayne playing a raspy villainous fopp and Sean Bean playing a half-man-half-bee (oh yes), it seemed that Jupiter Ascending couldn’t fail to fail.

  • Mirror Mirror

    Movie Review | Rob | 3rd April 2012

    The trailers for Tarsem Singh's lavish interpretation of Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs totally sell the film short, filled with cheap puns, singing and dancing. On this evidence, the grittier Lord Of The Rings-esque Snow White And The Huntsman - due out in June - looked set to leave its colourful rival out in the cold, dark woods. Don't be put off just yet. On closer inspection, Mirror Mirror might just be the fairest of them all: an utterly delightful and faithful re-telling of the classic fairytale – a dazzling treat for the eyes from start to finish.

  • DVD weekly: Game of Thrones - season one

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 5th March 2012

    Because it's the biggest TV DVD release of the year, because I got sent the whole thing on Blu-ray and because there's not much else out this week, here's a bumper edition of DVD weekly focusing on one release and one release only. That's right: series five of Doc Martin.

  • If he looks enough like a woman it's not gay, right?

    TV News | Ed Williamson | 14th January 2012

    Like, you've spent a load of money on drinks and taxis and stuff, and once you actually figure out he's a dude it's pretty late anyway, and if he looks and sounds enough like a woman it's OK, right? That's the code, isn't it guys? I'm asking for a friend.

  • Game of Thrones no longer a game, actually more of a skirmish

    TV Video | Ed Williamson | 25th November 2011

    Just think how good our Game of Thrones content will be once I've actually seen an episode. Here, have a season two first-look video, uh, sire. Or my liege, or whatever.

  • Sean Bean: cinema's worst babysitter

    Movie Feature | Luke, Ali | 18th June 2011

    This is a Public Service Announcement for any parents of child actors out there: never put your kids up for a part in a film featuring Sean Bean. For whilst he may have the welcoming features of a saggy humanoid ALF, Sean Bean is in fact a Pied Piper... of Doom!

  • Game of Thrones S1EP3 - "Lord Snow"

    TV Review | Luke Whiston | 14th May 2011

    Game of Thrones is the medieval fantasy series which features Sean Bean standing around looking miserable. It not always like that, though - sometimes he sits. Here's our review of episode 3.

  • Four reasons why I won't watch Game of Thrones

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 12th May 2011

    So my friend texts me and says 'Game of Thrones is worth a look'. I haven't seen it and I refuse to. Why? Glad you asked.

  • The Island

    Movie Review | Ali | 13th August 2005

    Choose life. Choose a fucking big television. Choose a flash new car. Choose a yacht. Choose a clone. It looks like Renton's got into a bit more trouble than a skag habit this time, as he joins director Michael Bay for the big no-brain blockbuster of the summer. The Island marks Michael Bay's first attempt to tackle an imp...