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  • How can it be that X-Men's William Stryker isn't a Stifler by birth?

    Movie News | Ali Gray | 15th May 2014

    Scanning the X-Men: Days Of Future Past cast list reveals the actor behind William Stryker to be Australian Josh Helman, who - unbelievably - is no relation to Seann William Scott, Steve Stifler or even Stifler's Mom. The scene in X-Men where Stryker accidentally eats a donut full of semen just accentuated the visual similarities.

  • American Pie: Reunion

    Movie Review | Ali | 12th April 2012

    Here is a list of things that has happened since the first American Pie was released in the summer of 1999:

    - Jason Biggs has appeared in 12 non-American Pie-related films, which have earned less than half the total box-office of Pies 1-3.

  • Goon

    Movie Review | Rob | 2nd January 2012

    Ice hockey sits pretty atop my 'If I was an American high-schooler, I'd definitely think about playing it' list. Unfortunately, Hollywood doesn't appear to share my enthusiasm for needless icy bloodlust. There have been plenty of American football, baseball and basketball movies, but when it comes to ice hockey, what do we have? Slap Shot? That's 35 years old. The Mighty Ducks? Pfft, Goon would smash its teeth in and down a beer in celebration.

  • Let me save you the trouble of watching American Pie 4

    Movie Feature | Ali | 24th March 2011

    Plot details have leaked for American Reunion, the third (proper) sequel to American Pie. Plot details? I wipe my arse on plot details - I'll leak the whole damn movie for you!

  • Role Models

    Movie Review | Ali | 10th January 2009

    Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott (y'know, Stifler) are two of the most underrated comic actors in the business; they've both been plugging away for years but always seem to get saddled with thankless roles in shitty films (Over Her Dead Body, Dukes Of Hazzard etc). Surviving on the bottom rungs of the comedy ladder, their only ...

  • The Dukes Of Hazzard

    Movie Review | Ali | 2nd September 2005

    Dukes of Hazzard is a film that used to be a TV show probably from before I was born, probably even before Big Brother even existed. There's two cousins, Bo and Luke Duke, and they drive their orange car around really fast, so the cops don't get them. They are trying to get their Uncle's special drink to all of his customers w...

  • Why I Love... Bulletproof Monk

    Movie Feature | Ali | 29th July 2005

    It's not every day that I can claim to have seen the worst film ever made, but the day I saw Bulletproof Monk was to be that day. That's not one of those Comic Book Guy, Worst Movie EVER, instant reactions either; I saw it on a rainy evening some two years ago now, and I still feel the same about it to this day. The plot? Wha...