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  • Resident Evil: Afterlife

    Movie Review | Ali | 11th September 2010

    Muuuhhh. Braaaaiiinnnnss (*chomp chomp*). Muuuhhhhhh. Braaiiiiiinnnsss (*chomp chomp chomp*). And that's just the audience. Not having seen any of Paul WS Anderson's Resident Evil series, the packed auditorium of mouth-breathers, chronic texters and grazing fat-asses chewing popcorn in my ear should have been my first clue to the quality of the movie on offer: it's the very definition of 'switch your brain off' entertainment.

  • Edge Of Darkness

    Movie Review | Ben | 2nd February 2010

    It's been seven years since Mel Gibson last appeared in a movie, and while he's kept himself busy drink-driving and bringing the phrase "sugar tits" to prominence, the Jew-hating Aussie with a lack of respect for historical fact is finally back and it's... a thoroughly underwhelming experience.

  • Diary Of The Dead

    Movie Review | Stuart | 11th March 2008

    Zombie films by George A Romero seem to be taking on a bus-like quality. After two decades of waiting for a follow-up to the flawed and rotting diamond that was Day of the Dead, we get a brace of follow up films in almost as many years. The first of those, Land of the Dead, was a crushing disappointment to many fans, mainly, due...