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  • 17 pictures in which The Mentalist looks like a mentalist

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 29th April 2013

    I initially thought it was terribly politically incorrect to make a TV show about a guy who was a total mentalist. Then someone told me it wasn't about that. But this seems irrefutable evidence to the contrary.

  • I Give It A Year

    Movie Review | Ali | 5th February 2013

    I gave it half an hour. 30 minutes is more than enough time to establish whether or not you're going to like a film and its protagonists: if you're not on board after the first act, chances are the second and third acts aren't going to be to your tastes either. To its credit, I Give It A Year starts where most romcoms end: the happily-ever-after wedding between its two leads – writer Josh (Rafe Spall) and prissy ad agency miss Nat (Rose Byrne) – mercifully sparing us the agonisingly tedious meetcute routine and fast-forwarding straight to the good bits i.e. the bickering, the adultery and the break-up. In other words, the bits romcoms are otherwise scared to show.

  • The Killer Inside Me

    Movie Review | Christopher | 9th June 2010

    Stepping out into the broad daylight of a summer's afternoon after watching The Killer Inside Me, Michael Winterbottom's entry into the film noir canon, proves a grotesquely incongruous affair. The joy has gone from my life now.

  • Land Of The Dead

    Movie Review | Chris | 19th September 2005

    For the few of you out there who might not be aware, Land of the Dead is the fourth film in writer/director George A. Romero's dead series, following the classic Night of the Living Dead (1968), the exceptional Dawn of the Dead (1978), and the criminally underrated Day of the Dead (1985). These three films have served to influe...