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  • James Spader joins The Office, not to replace Michael Scott (*shrugs*)

    TV News | Matt Looker | 8th July 2011

    How long do you think it will be before he has some kind of perverted sex scene in the Dunder Mifflin offices? Just because that's what James Spader does.

  • Hey idiot, why not win Dinner For Schmucks on DVD?

    Movie Competition | Ali | 16th January 2011

    Featuring David Walliams from Little Britain!

  • Dinner For Schmucks

    Movie Review | Rob | 1st September 2010

    A dinner party usually means making futile small talk with the bloke sitting opposite, struggling to figure out what fork to use first or worrying that your tie is dangling in the soup. It's a good job, then, that French director Francis Veber spiced up this meek institution by inviting a few prize idiots along for his 1998 film, Le Diner De Cons. But for those who happened to miss it - and let's face it, that's probably most of us - Jay Roach has remade it for us uncultured yobs who prefer crude gags, silly accents and Steve Carell going all out with the sillies.

  • Dunder Mifflin are headhunting

    TV News | Kirsty | 13th August 2010

    In 2011, the 7th series of The Office will see the departure of it’s long-serving regional manager Michael Scott, much to the relief of his long-suffering underlings. NBC are on the hunt for new blood, but who in their right mind wants to move to Scranton?

  • Date Night

    Movie Review | Ali | 25th April 2010

    Date Night is one of those movies you really try to get behind and really wish you liked more, but ultimately have to admit it's just... not that great. The reasons for wanting to fly its flag are obvious: Steve Carell and Tina Fey are two of the funniest people on TV, and it's natural to want to see them succeed on the big screen.

  • Paul Rudd and Steve Carell are still schmucking funny

    Movie Trailer | Matt | 7th April 2010

    Here's the trailer and poster for new frat-pack comedy Dinner For Schmucks. Paul Rudd and Steve Carell are in it. That's enough.

  • Date Night trailer sucks ass

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 11th November 2009

    How can two of the funniest people on television star in what looks like the unfunniest movie of the year? This trailer has precisely no ROFL-inducing jokes or catchphrases I wish to repeat in the playground. FAIL.

  • Get Smart

    Movie Review | Rob | 21st August 2008

    Mel Brooks' long-running '60s TV spy-com gets a big-screen re-jig for a ADD-afflicted generation that's most likely unaware of its existence. Director Peter Segal (The Longest Yard, 50 First Dates) takes on the tricky task of adapting a TV show for a Cold War era into an action comedy aimed at a younger audience, but it's fair t...