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  • Win a Time Bandits Blu-ray encased in SOLID STEEL

    Movie Competition | Neil | 21st August 2013

    The time travel movie they're all talking about right now (after About Time) is about to be re-released on Blu-ray with oodles of new features and interviews, and your chance to win a limited edition steelbook containing that very Blu-ray is but a few words away. Can you feel the tension? I can. *parp*

  • Ewan McGregor cast in "The Man Who Killed Don Quixot-aye"

    Movie News | Luke | 19th May 2010

    Look, it's late, our pun machine broke down and these lollystick gags aren't helping, no matter how many packs of Mini Milks we get through.

  • The Brothers Grimm

    Movie Review | Chris | 3rd September 2005

    This is a very difficult review for me to write. The reason why has to do with the fact that I am a Terry Gilliam fanatic. I've seen every movie the guy has ever made, and I've managed to find something to love about each and every one of them (and yeah, that even includes The Adventures of Baron M√ľnchausen). The guy is a tr...