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  • Top 10 films of our lifetime #7: Inception

    Movie Feature | Matt Looker | 18th September 2014

    I've always considered the post-film discussion as much a part of the movie-going experience as the actual movie: the initial splurge of reactions, the best bits, the rubbish bits, the standout moments. Inception, with its pre-credits wobbly ambiguity, practically invites a discourse on its finer points, and those discussions are still ongoing today. I consider this to be the best blockbuster of the decade so far and one of the most rewarding works of science-fiction in modern memory. More movies need to be like Inception - Ali.

  • Gary Oldman to reprise Friends role in Child 44

    TV News | Ed Williamson | 15th July 2014

    Tom Hardy is to play the role of Joey Tribbiani, as Matt LeBlanc is too busy working on his film project, Joey: Origins.

  • Tom Hardy Peaky Blinders role to be entirely horse-mounted

    TV News | Ed Williamson | 30th April 2014

    Tom Hardy's much-talked-about role in the second season of Peaky Blinders will comprise his being on a horse talking to himself while no other actors appear on screen, we can exclusively reveal. With his life collapsing around him, the character will ride the horse from Birmingham to London, unaccountably talking like Ivor the Engine, while the camera frames him and nothing else. The episode will play out in real time, and last for two days.

  • #LFF2013: Locke

    Movie Review | Neil Alcock | 19th October 2013

    Claustrocore fans have had it good at this year's London Film Festival. Whether it's Robert Redford single-handedly taking on the Indian Ocean in All Is Lost, or Elijah Wood trapped at his piano by a crazed gunman in the unintentionally hilarious and brilliantly terrible Grand Piano, those of us who like being stuck in one location with one actor for the best part of a film have been well served by the BFI. The daddy of them all, though, takes place nowhere more thrilling than in a car on the M6 and M1, and the man in the driving seat is future Road Warrior Tom Hardy. That's right guys - it's Mad Max: Beyond Toddington. *takes rest of day off*

  • Lawless

    Movie Review | Matt | 9th September 2012

    A period drama set during the Depression? Based on a popular, critically-acclaimed novel? Starring an ensemble cast of superb acting talent? Well surely nothing can stop this awards-garnering juggernaut from winning... wait, is that Shia LaBeouf? (*sharp intake of breath*)

  • The Dark Knight Rises

    Movie Review | Ali | 20th July 2012

    Me, I've always been a fan of Christopher Nolan more than I have Batman. Don't get me wrong, I was wowed by the reinvention of Batman Begins and the wallop of The Dark Knight, but I'll always choose the sleight-of-hand of The Prestige or the cerebral jolt of Inception given the choice. The Dark Knight Rises is a stunning piece of work, gigantic in scale with hugely ambitious themes, but Nolan's contribution to the Batman legacy – and indeed the superhero genre as a whole – is to make these films more about the men behind the masks than the heroes they portray: the guys who make the magic happen.

  • Is this the fastest anyone has ever said 'Rated PG-13' on film?

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 10th July 2012

    Short answer: yes. Full Dark Knight Rises TV spot here, Mr Fussy.

  • Sorry, this new TV spot for The Dark Knight Rises will have to do

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 4th June 2012

    It's only 30 seconds long, but we're all bloody knackered, okay?

    EDIT: Never mind, I found a better one. Always working, me.

  • Win Warrior on Blu-ray by looking inside this internet page

    Movie Competition | Ali | 16th February 2012

    Here's your chance to win officially the sixth best film of 2011 on spangly Blu-ray: three copies of Warrior are up for grabs. And punches. And crotch-punches. And kicks. And face-kicks.

  • Toot toot here comes Mad Max!

    Movie News | Luke | 13th January 2012

    Disclaimer: I know nothing about cars or Mad Max.