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  • Cold In July

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 24th June 2014

    Ever play that game where you begin with a sentence, then go round the circle and everyone gets a turn to write the next sentence, and you end up with a story? Not since you were nine, you say? OK, bear with me. Imagine that everyone in the first half of the circle was a black-hearted fan of moody, intense home invasion thrillers. And everyone in the second half was Quentin Tarantino at his most excitably goofy. Click to read the rest if you like, but you're pretty much there.

  • Ted Danson hates whales

    Movie News | Chris | 1st September 2010

    Larry David's frenemy is causing trouble again, this time angering the population of the Arctic ocean. Rumors that Kirstie Alley will be playing one of the whales have not been substantiated.

  • Two Lovers

    Movie Review | Anna | 5th April 2009

    Please please let the dark glasses Joaquin Phoenix has been wearing lately conceal a playful glint in his eye as he takes the world for a merry ride. The announcement that he intends to quit acting, followed by his bizarre appearance on Letterman and his disastrous "hip-hop" gigs, are either the result of a spectacular topple of...