Zhang Yimou

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  • Hero

    Movie Review | Stuart | 9th March 2005

    Before I go into detail about this DVD, I have a confession to make; I have never, ever liked Martial Arts movies. I never got what the big screaming deal was about seeing an inscrutable hero kick seven shades of unpleasantness out of a gang of remarkably stupid villainous henchmen. Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan...all the...

  • House Of Flying Daggers

    Movie Review | | 8th January 2005

    Chavs. There are chavs everywhere. The cinema used to be the last bastion of the adult, untouched by the burberry legions, I'm sure it did. Didn't it? Hordes of sportswear-clad teenagers swarm around the lobby, chattering, giggling and making vaguely threatening gestures to any poor soul who happens to enter their theatre of...