Misfits 3: Should that be Mi3fits?

4 stars

Kirsty Harrison

3rd November 2011

About a year ago, we told you all to watch series two of Misfits. You must have listened, because it's back. Excellent work, masses. But someone's gone astray and they've added a Dingle. Let's have a chat about that. A big SPOILERific chat.

When it was revealed after the end of the last series that loud-mouthed ex-immortal Nathan was leaving the series (owing to real non-immortal actor Robert Sheehan being offered parts in movies starring Rupert Grint), most people thought Misfits would lose its appeal. Without Nathan running around being an over-confident, yet subtly sensitive, twat in his pants would there really be much point tuning in?

As we know, most people are foolish. Misfits 3 is as good as it ever was, even with our not very super heroes finding themselves back in black orange. How did they manage that? After all, when we left them at the end of the Christmas Special they were the free fantastic five, their community service behind them, taking a hold of their futures themselves by buying powers from Sauave Seth the Power Dealer. Any power they like...

I said before the jump that there would be spoilers; they're only spoilers if you haven't seen the episode yet and are planning on doing so before the next episode (Sunday, E4, 10pm). So what powers did they go for?

Kelly, the former telepath, is "a fucking rocket scientist". She can literally only design rockets and rocket-related propulsion systems; Seth the Dealer is deliciously literal.

Alisha is dealing with no longer being the world's biggest "cock monster", having given away her power to make people sexified through touching them, and can now see things from other people's perspective, as though she'd climbed through a tiny Malkovichian hole in their heads. It's intriguing and very flipping important in episode 1.

Simon. Ah, Simon. Gone is the creepy invisible introvert who kept a dead woman in his freezer to talk to. In his place stands a prototype Superhoodie with the power of foresight. So far, he seems to be able to see into potential futures rather than definitive events. Visual "what if's", if you will. Which you should.

Curtis went last; the man who had the coolest power of them all, the ability to turn back time, can now... give himself a sex change in the blink of an eye "it was the only one he had left." Curtis' episode is on Sunday, and it looks like the girl they've got to play Curtina (it's a name) really has Nathan Stewart-Jarrett's mannerisms right down. It's a teensy bit creepy.

Shit power, Curtis mate..

This episode really served to introduce two things to the viewers who hadn't caught the webisode (*sigh*) that covered Nathan's departure: 1) Rudy, the new guy with literal multiple personalities and 2) the continuing revelation that about 97% of the population was "secretly" affected by the electrical storm that empowered our Teen Titans: ASBO Edition.

Rudy (Eli off Emmerdale, and This Is England, who seems to be refusing to age) is a loudmouth git, a geezer, a dodger, a twat. An identikit Nathan? Not exactly. As well as being severely unpleasant to be around, he has a sensitive side that bursts out of him. Not figuratively either. His negativity, shame and insecurity - all those memories that flash into your head when you're lying in bed and can't sleep for remembering that time when you were 9 and you threw that rock at that cat, or you fell over in the lunch hall and everyone pointed and laughed while you tried not to cry - all combine into one awkward, sexually confused other half that appears like a split amoeba when Rudy finds himself feeling a real emotion.

It's a bit intense.

Joe Gilgun is his real name, and he plays both Rudy's or, really, all of Rudy and it's a magnificent piece of work. For one thing, the filming and editing is amazing; there are two Rudy's - there's no point denying it. They fight, they touch, they walk past each other... they're both there. Except obviously their not. Gilgun manages to make each half of Rudy an individual whole, but more impressively, he manages to make Rudy when's he's in his "altogether" state evidently two people battling for control. He holds conflicting emotions in his face so strongly, you can look in his eyes and see a different Rudy in each one.

He's an annoying cockpiece, but it's a bravura performance.

So I'll be watching series three of a show I had brushed off in 2009 as being "a bag of toss", which show how fickle I am, which is very.

There's no sign of this season's Big Bad in episode one, although the other day Simon tweeted...

So I'll be keeping my peepers peeled for that.
I hope it's not buzz marketing. That's so bloody modern. Where's my zimmer? Get off my lawn!

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