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  • The guiltiest pleasures of 2010

    Movie Feature | Ali | 22nd December 2010

    2010 has been a bumper year for movies that nestle somewhere between 'demented genius' and 'unparalleled garbage'. Here are our favourite guilty pleasures of the year: please don't judge us.

  • Indiana Jones to get 3D reacharound I mean re-release

    Movie News | Ali | 26th October 2010

    First it was Star Wars that got the 3D re-release treatment. Now, allegedly, Indiana Jones will be seen in another dimension. Surely it's inevitable that Howard The Duck will follow.

  • Shock: Warner Bros scrap plans to release Harry Potter in 3D

    Movie News | Ali | 8th October 2010

    In a rare, dignified move, Warner Bros have ditched their plans to convert the new Harry Potter movie into 3D, claiming they were unable to "meet the highest standards of quality". Crikey.

  • The Hole

    Movie Review | Ben | 4th October 2010

    Gremlins. Explorers. The 'Burbs. If these movies mean anything to you then the idea of Joe Dante's return to the type of movies he used to make in the 80s will fill you with glee. Or perhaps, in 2010 should this kind of movie be left in the past?

  • Piranha 3D

    Movie Review | Christopher Ratcliff | 25th August 2010

    Piranha 3D is a film that truly wears its commercialism on its sleeve. Not like Transformers or GI Joe, which despite having the snigger-inducing opening credit 'Based on a Hasbro toy', still pretend to be legitimate filmmaking enterprises rather than lavishly expensive adverts by hiding within multiple layers of confusing narrative and unearned pathos. Not Piranha 3D though. Oh no.

  • The Last Airbender

    Movie Review | Rob | 11th August 2010

    It's easy to ridicule M. Night Shyamalan. The ex- golden boy of Hollywood, with his clever, never-saw-it-coming twists, has been reduced to a laughing stock; his reputation in tatters after the atrocities that were Lady In The Water and The Happening.

  • Jackass 3D trailer so wrong it's right

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 8th August 2010

    Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Dumb.

  • Step Up 3D

    Movie Review | Rob | 1st August 2010

    James Cameron and his expensive, elaborate cameras have a lot to answer for. He may have revolutionised the way we watch movies and made a buttload of cash doing it, but his triumph has made 3D more accessible to the movie-making masses, spurring on all kinds of three-dimensional clap trap.

  • Saw 3D trailer will shut your trap

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 23rd July 2010

    The legacy of Jigsaw lives on in another series of highly complicated, highly unlikely gory deathtraps. Try and give a shit if you can.

  • Good work, Piranha trailer

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 1st May 2010

    Last week's Piranha's teaser trailer had it all, except Kelly Brook's bikini body. Thankfully this epic cinematic wrong has been righted. Also, there are killer fish on the loose! And bad actors!