A Field In England

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  • A Field In England

    Movie Review | Neil | 4th July 2013

    I don't like mushrooms. Never have. I don't trust 'em. They taste weird, they look weird, they've got the texture of an internal organ and they're responsible for one of the worst puns ever. I therefore approached Ben Wheatley's new film, A Field In England, as some kind of aversion therapy. Perhaps the mushroom consumption for which the film is already known would persuade me that it's possible to eat a fungus and still have a good time? Sadly it didn't quite work out that way. I had a good time, but now not only am I terrified of mushrooms, I've also developed an unhealthy fear of fields, tents and Michael Smiley.

  • A series of silly questions about A Field In England with Ben Wheatley

    Movie Feature | Ali | 2nd July 2013

    It occurred to me earlier this week that A Field In England was due out on Friday and that we hadn't done very much on it, save for gawping at the poster. Remembering that I still had director Ben Wheatley's email address from the last time I interviewed him, I fired off a request, expecting him to be busy on a press tour or something. About two minutes later Ben replied, requesting I give him a call instead ("I just did an email interview for someone else and it took me all fucking morning"). I called him. Here's what happened.

  • Ben Wheatley doesn't fuck about

    Movie News | Luke | 7th December 2012

    With Sightseers only just in cinemas, here's the first poster for Ben Wheatley's next; English Civil War folksy treasure hunt horror A Field In England. (Via Mr and Mrs Wheatley's blog)