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  • presents The Rules Of Attraction: the full sordid shebang

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 16th May 2014

    Did I happen to mention we were putting on a screening of The Rules Of Attraction at the Prince Charles cinema in Leicester Square? I might have brought it up once or twice and covered the website in banners requesting you book tickets for six weeks or so. Anyway, the screening was last night, so today you're going to hear all about it, and tomorrow you get the even better treat of me not mentioning The Rules Of Attraction for the first time in about three months. Strap yourself in: we're delving right into Dawson's crack!

  • Back later, out breaking the rules

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 15th May 2014

    Come party with us and see The Rules Of Attraction at the Prince Charles Cinema from 8.30pm tonight. Tickets available on the door.

  • The Rules Of Attraction screening: Send us your College Confessions

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 30th April 2014

    In the spirit of The Rules Of Attraction, which we're screening at the Prince Charles Cinema on Thursday 15th May, I want to know what your wildest college/university stories were. You filthy animals.

  • Oh hey look, I made a Spotify playlist for The Rules Of Attraction!

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 19th March 2014

    What a coincidence! A playlist of songs from The Rules Of Attraction, a film which I happen to be screening in May at The Prince Charles Cinema! Will there be a link to buy tickets after the jump? Find out, after the jump!

  • presents: The Rules Of Attraction

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 9th March 2014

    Naughty teens are in your area! That is, if you happen to be nearby The Prince Charles Cinema on Thursday 15th May, when we'll be screening the adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' hard-edged tale of youthful excess, The Rules Of Attraction. See Dawson go dark.

  • Just in case you were undecided on seeing The Raid this weekend

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 18th May 2012

    An exclusive clip from The Raid might convince you. Full review.

  • The Raid

    Movie Review | Ali | 14th May 2012

    The Raid is a martial arts movie of such ferocious pace, you'll swear you're watching it on the wrong speed. A shaken-up energy drink of a movie, once unleashed it fizzes out of the can, leaving you adrenalized – and sticky. It's the kind of unapologetic action movie – shorn neatly of any unnecessarily frills – that knows its strengths, has a clear goal and homes in on it with laser precision. Entertainment, truly thy name is an Indonesian guy killing a bunch of criminals with a fridge.

  • Safe

    Movie Review | Rob | 1st May 2012

    An entire week passed between me watching Jason Statham's newest addition to his one-man sub-genre and writing up this review. No matter though, because Safe fits nicely into The Stath's typical movie mould. It has guns, punching, car chases, a suit and another odd Cockney/American hybrid accent. Hell, I could've copied and pasted my Transporter 3 review, changed around a few words and no one would've been any the wiser.

  • Surrogates

    Movie Review | Rob | 29th September 2009

    Movies based on computer games are usually complete balls - it's a well known cinematic fact. But it seems that finally, some powerful people have realised this. The solution: Films inspired by the gaming world but not based upon anything in particular.

  • The 10 greatest post-kill puns

    Movie Feature | Matt | 4th September 2009

    The post-kill pun is the ultimate kiss-off in any cheesy action flick. It defined the entire career of a certain Governator of California and became a clich so quickly that it has now long been seen as a source of ridicule and parody.

    This is probably best demonstrated by Arnie himself in Last Action Hero when, after an ice cream truck explodes causing a cornetto to shoot out and stab a guy in the back of the head, his character Jack Slater says: "I iced that guy... to cone a phrase."