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  • Top 10 films of our lifetime #2: Children Of Men

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 25th September 2014

    I bloody love a good apocalypse. I think if I were a director, being given the chance to ruin the world and set up camp at ground zero would be like being a kid in a sweet shop: so much potential for iconic imagery, so many stories to tell, so many angles. In Children Of Men, Alfonso Cuaron tells the biggest story - the imminent extinction of mankind - yet manages to make it small and personal at the same time. And, true to form, he captures some unforgettable imagery along the way. I hope the real apocalypse looks this good - Ali.

  • Five special celebrity guest stars review Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 10th October 2013

    It's the done thing these days to have an expert review a movie for your website. The Hollywood Reporter had Buzz Aldrin give them his opinion on Gravity, FilmDrunk roped in an actual NASA rocket scientist for their review, while Digital Trends had to settle for two plain old astronauts, who hadn't even been on the moon or anything. With no astronauts in my rolodex but a fervent desire to do a smug celebrity guest star review, I found the following five people who had the faintest tangential relationship with the film's subject matter. Enjoy!