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  • Video supercut: Animals WERE harmed in the making of this movie

    Movie Feature | Matt | 11th June 2012

    Cuddly pets... inspiring wildlife... loyal, dependable animals that would give their right hoof to protect you in a gunfight. Sometimes it's just fun to watch as them get seven shades of fur knocked out of them.

  • A collection of pictures of animals being paid to watch films

    Movie Feature | Ali | 3rd May 2012

    Animals! Films! Animals watching films! It's the most Sun-friendly gallery we've ever done! Expect to see it on Perez Hilton in days!

  • If this year's movies were remade with animals

    Movie Feature | Ali | 12th April 2012

    For no other reason than, hello, this is the internet, here are a bunch of movie posters re-shopped to star animals instead of A-list actors. It'd certainly be cheaper and there would be less faeces to clean up.

  • What is up with all the crappy animal movie posters?

    Movie News | Luke | 13th September 2011

    At first I thought it was my imagination, but as the weeks passed and the evidence mounted, my suspicions were confirmed: the quality of movie posters featuring animals is deterioriating at an alarming rate.

  • Bond: he talks to the animals

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 5th May 2011

    [Insert Pussy Galore joke here].

  • Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs

    Movie Review | Steven | 1st July 2009

    The first Ice Age was one of the first indicators that Pixar had some serious contenders in the animation department. Ice Age: The Meltdown came along soon after and proved that the busybodies at Fox were still a threat with a much improved sequel. Now, the whole gang is back for a third instalment of the animated franchise, tak...

  • Marley & Me

    Movie Review | Ali | 11th March 2009

    Rather like how Jennifer Aniston 'comedy' The Break-Up wasn't actually a comedy at all, the former Friend is heading up another fake-out - sold as a warm and bright shaggy rom-com, Marley & Me is actually a thoroughly depressing drama following man, woman and hound as they grow old together. Cat people likely won't give two smal...

  • Bolt

    Movie Review | Ben | 2nd February 2009

    In recent years, there have been two types of animated movie released by Disney. You have the Pixar movies, loved by all and heralded as works of genius; think WALL-E, Finding Nemo and Toy Story. Then, on the other hand, you have the rest of the crap. Think that's unfair? I give you The Wild and Chicken Little. Bolt, coming from...

  • Sleeping Dogs

    Movie Review | Ali | 21st February 2007

    "My name is Amy, and yes, at college, I blew my dog." Quite the opening line, no? It's the suitably bizarre beginning to this bestiality-themed rom-com, directed by former Police Academy oddball and comedian Bobcat Goldthwaite. Man, was this ever a hard sell to the producers - imagine sitting at your desk when in walks Offi...