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  • You made Avatar a success, now quit complaining about the sequels

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 15th April 2016

    Is there a word used on social media and comment threads more cringeworthy than "Avatards"? Not only is it not remotely funny, it's usually accompanied by a lazy, sneering dismissal of James Cameron's Avatar sequels, or more specifically, the rapidly increasing volume of them. I admit, I am fascinated by the highs and lows of the Avatar franchise, the record-breaking box office haul and the subsequent disappearing act from the nation's consciousness (this article from Forbes, on Avatar's lack of "pop-culture footprint", is sadly accurate). But have we really become so jaded and so short-sighted that we're dismissing out of hand sequels to the most popular movie of all time; a movie that, just seven years ago, we ALL paid money hand over fist to go and see? You and I are both complicit: we all were Avatards and we will be again (and again, and again, and finally once more in 2023).

  • Oh hey, look, more Avatar

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 6th October 2010

    Here's a new trailer for the Avatar: Extended Collector's Edition Blu-ray, with an extra 1,480 hours of deleted scenes reinstated, plus three extra seconds of plot. Three!

  • Avatar: Special Edition; news on the Even Specialler DVD

    Movie Review | Rob, Ali | 27th August 2010

    Attention, Avatards. First up, we've got Rob's review of the Avatar: Special Edition and what to expect in the nine additional minutes. Then follows news about the DVD even-specialler edition, with sixteen new minutes. Then follows... you get the idea. Yeah, this is basically the new Star Wars now.

  • James Cameron got paid, son

    Movie News | Ali | 10th July 2010

    According to reports, director James Cameron made a pretty tidy profit from Avatar. How much? Find out, and what this means for your weekend, after the jump!

  • "James Cameron is an idiot"

    Movie News | Luke | 1st May 2010

    Holy attention-seeking headline! Those aren't our words, of course, rather the rantings of journactivist Ann McElhinney, as she takes Cameron to task over his mega-blockbuster Avatar. Why? Fucked if I know.

  • Rant: Why 3D movies are a total con

    Movie Feature | Ali | 27th March 2010

    James Cameron conquered the world with it. Pixar and DreamWorks are enamoured with it. Steven Spielberg has adopted it as his new plaything. The future of cinema, we are told, is three dazzling dimensions. Why, then, does the idea of a whole new crop of 3D blockbusters elicit a big, flat shrug from audiences?

  • Oscar winners 2010: Avatar gets thrown in The Hurt Locker

    Movie News | Matt | 8th March 2010

    Low-budget war movie about the might of the American military beats big-budget anti-war metaphor at the Irony Awards.

  • Cameron has 'road map' for Avatar 2

    Movie News | Ali | 27th January 2010

    An Avatar sequel? Already? Don't we have to wait, like, 14 years for the next one or something?

  • Oh God, when will it end? 3D Star Wars inevitable, says George Lucas

    Movie Feature | Ali | 19th January 2010

    Brace yourself for a whole new slew of Star Wars re-releases, complete with a whole new dimension. It's all Avatar's fault, apparently.

  • Avatar mental news round-up

    Movie News | Ali | 13th January 2010

    It's set to become the highest-grossing movie ever, but The Pope doesn't like it because the Na'vi sex scene made him so depressed he considered suicide. Or something.