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  • Avatar breaks billion dollar record

    Movie News | Ali | 3rd January 2010

    Told you.

  • The Avatar that could have been

    Movie News | Ali | 27th December 2009

    CHUD have uncovered the original script for Project 880, which would ultimately become Avatar, written by James Cameron after he wrapped on Titanic. Ring the fascinating changes after the jump.

  • James Cameron is a straight shooter

    Movie News | Ali | 20th December 2009

    Paparazzi asks James Cameron dumb question; James Cameron replies with devastating answer. Sw-ish!

  • Avatar

    Movie Review | Ali | 16th December 2009

    How to rate a film like Avatar? Do just that: review the film, not the hype. Believe what you've heard industry execs raving about and James Cameron's latest opus is a "game-changer", supposedly the biggest cinematic revolution since the advent of colour film and talking pictures. These are superlatives impossible to qualify; exactly how do you know you've changed the game if play has yet to resume? No, the only way to analyse Avatar is to strip it down of all its baggage until you're left with the core experience: cold, hard data. And what do you get?

  • -1 point for Avatar

    Movie News | Ali | 7th December 2009

    Here's one reason Avatar might not be the greatest film since Sliced Bread: the appalling closing song by Leona Lewis. Embedded after the jump if you want to annoy your neighbours.

  • Avatar clip: meet the Thanator

    Movie News | Ali | 24th November 2009

    More Avatar footage? Why James Cameron, with this drip-feed of information you are really spoiling us! Check out one of Pandora's big bads: a cross between a panther, a crocodile and, er, a monster.

  • Heavy metal: new Avatar featurette

    Movie News | Ali | 20th November 2009

    A brand new Avatar featurette shows off three minutes of new footage and focuses on the big ugly machines that James Cameron will use to rip Pandora a new butthole. "Bring the pain" indeed, anonymous soldier.

  • James Cameron doesn't give a shit

    Movie News | Ali | 12th November 2009

    Avatar director James Cameron has opened up in the December issue of Playboy (easy) and, unsurprisingly, there's a buttload of choice quotes - in fact, he stops short of telling the world to go stick a finger in its ass.

  • Full-length Avatar trailer

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 29th October 2009

    Finally, the full-length international trailer for Avatar has debuted online. See it here: this one isn't a bootleg, isn't in Arabic and doesn't come with Polish subtitles.

  • New high quality Avatar pics

    Movie News | Ali | 24th October 2009

    Since the bootlegged new Avatar trailer has been pulled off the web, look at these massive new Avatar pics really fast and you can almost imagine you're watching a shitty, shaky-cam YouTube video.