Avengers Assemble

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  • Interview: Joss Whedon

    Movie Feature | Matt | 16th June 2013

    It is with no exaggeration when I say that this interview might be the peak of my professional career as a sometime two-bit blogger. It probably even beats that time I wrote a feature making fun of Mark Wahlberg's face.

  • Hey Amazon, um... WHO is the star of The Avengers again? ಠ_ಠ

    Movie Feature | Matt | 2nd December 2012

    C'mon, even Paul Bettany would have been a better choice for first in your cast list.

  • The Avengers bootleg DVD subtitles are inaccurate, hilarious

    Movie Feature | Matt | 29th August 2012

    Or should that be 'The Mega Fighters Of Earth'? Welcome to the hilarious world of Foreigners Translating The English Language Into English Subtitles And Somehow Getting It Horribly Wrong.

  • The importance of taking regular toilet breaks while Avenging

    Movie News | Ali | 8th May 2012

    A photojournal on how vital it is to take regular toilet breaks, especially if you happen to be a superhero saving the world. It's like Nick Fury always says: "Go before we leave the Helicarrier."

  • Interview: Clark Gregg

    Movie Feature | Matt | 26th April 2012

    Here's my final Avengers cast interview and it's fair to say that I've saved the big guns 'til last: Agent Coulson. It turns out that Clark Gregg who plays him is a massive comic-book geek who is happy to talk forever on the subject. It made for a great talk, but it was a bastard to transcribe. So please try to enjoy this twice as much to make it all worthwhile.

  • Assemble The Avengers for reals with our interactive playset

    Movie Feature | Luke | 25th April 2012

    UPDATE: Now featuring Loki and Agent Coulson! PHIL!

    We saw The Avengers. We loved The Avengers. So what better way to express our gratitude for Joss Whedon's love letter to geeks everywhere than locking ourselves in a room all Sunday with nothing but a tub of biscuits for company, and working on a geeky little project of our own? Although to be fair, the biscuit thing would've happened anyway.

  • Interview: Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo

    Movie Feature | Matt | 25th April 2012

    Another day in the run up to Avengers Assemble being released in cinemas, another opportunity for me to milk my interviews with the cast. This time it’s Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo, who played Thor and the Hulk respectively. Coincidentally, it turns out that they do NOT like being addressed as either ‘Thor’ or ‘Hulk’ when being asked a question. Lesson learned.

  • The story of Iron Man's receding hairline: a photo journal

    Movie Feature | Ali | 24th April 2012

    Have you ever noticed that Iron Man has a receding hairline? Even though he's just a metallic exo-skeleton? You'd have thought Tony Stark would have given his superhero alter-ego a virile head of robo-hair.

  • Interview: Tom Hiddleston

    Movie Feature | Matt | 24th April 2012

    Following yesterday’s interview with Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner, my ongoing Avengers boast-fest continues with Tom Hiddleston, star villain of the Marvel cineverse and thoroughly nice chap.

  • Interview: Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner

    Movie Feature | Matt | 23rd April 2012

    Somehow, thanks to what I can only presume was some oversight in the security details for the cast of Avengers Assemble, I was allowed within dry-humping distance of the stars to ask them some questions about the film. I’ll be posting them all over the next few days, but firstly, here’s my interview with Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner. Thank god I remembered to muffle my ankle bracelet that morning.