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  • 9 worst movie lines of 2012

    Movie Feature | Matt | 2nd January 2013

    It's 2013! A new year of wonderful movies to look forward to, so full of potential and promise. Or we could just point and laugh at last year's films again? Yeah, let's do that.

  • Applying Battleship's formula for success

    Movie Feature | Matt | 17th April 2012

    Despite being one of the loudest, dumbest and profoundly ridiculous films released in ever, Battleship has performed remarkably well at the box office. So how did a plotless board game consisting of alpha-numerical grid references get turned into a money-making blockbuster? It's genius, really. Mindblowing, in fact. One word: 'aliens'.

  • Trailer trend: Here comes the BWWWOOOooommm

    Movie Feature | Ali | 11th April 2012

    Remember the Inception horn - that ubiquitous BRAHHHHMMM honking noise that popped up in every trailer last year? Well, now it has been replaced... by the BWWWOOOooommm. All will become clear.

  • Battleship

    Movie Review | Ali | 11th April 2012

    "Well... what did you expect?" I don't give much credence to people who equate 'blockbuster' with 'brainless entertainment'. Just because it has a big budget, is based on a board game, stars dramatically-challenged pop singer Rihanna and is a blatant Transformers stand-in for an Optimus-free summer, doesn't give Battleship the excuse to be average. All of this puts it at an instant disadvantage when it comes to preconceptions, sure, but I for one hoped that director Peter Berg could pull a soggy rabbit out of his hat. After all, how can you make a $200 million alien invasion blockbuster set on water, featuring methods of transport so lumbering and slow, it takes them an hour just to change direction? How indeed. The answer is OH MY GOD LOOK AN EXPLOSION!!!

  • New Battleship trailer makes slow news day go with a bang

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 13th March 2012

    Frankly, I'm only posting this because a) it has explosions and Liam Neeson in it, my two favourite things, b) it's a trailer and not a teaser for a trailer, naming no names RIDLEY SCOTT'S PROMETHEUS, and c) it's not camcorder footage of a Twilight sequel playing on TV in a shop. News!

  • I hope you like foreign versions of movie trailers

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 29th December 2011

    A Russian trailer for The Avengers and a Japanese TV spot for Battleship. Literally the only thing worth reporting at the moment. No wonder we lost those blog awards earlier this year.

  • Liam Neeson to play Battleship with Peter Berg

    Movie News | Chris | 8th September 2010

    "Hey, you sunk my career!"

  • Battleship film to be launched

    Movie News | Matt | 15th September 2009

    B5!...miss. D9!...miss. *sigh* E2?...miss. That's right, folks, the exciting world of calling out random alpha-numerical codes is coming to a big screen near you.