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  • Notorious

    Movie Review | Rob | 16th February 2009

    Think of Notorious as a violent version of Ray or Walk the Line. After all, they've got their similarities - they're musical, we know they don't end well and they both involve a fair bit of good ol' drug abuse. The question is, unlike the Ray Charles and Johnny Cash biopics, how interested are we in the life story of a rapper wh...

  • W.

    Movie Review | Anna | 11th November 2008

    The cultural legacy of the Bush administration is one of opposition and subversion; from the songs of the Dixie Chicks, to the films of Michael Moore, to the literature of Ian McEwan. If Oliver Stone was hoping to earn his place in the canon of Bush-bashing, he's missed the mark with W. What the film does do is help us understan...

  • Walk The Line

    Movie Review | Ali | 2nd March 2006

    There's a certain macabre quality to how quickly society latches onto dead rock stars and posthumously elevates them to the status of Gods. Johnny Cash is one such case: largely ignored by an apathetic general public and often snubbed by the industry he helped to shape, it was only once he passed in 2003 that his albums sales r...

  • Last Days

    Movie Review | Ali | 5th September 2005

    There is one pivotal scene in Last Days that almost managed to convince me that I was watching a work of genius. Having shambled aimlessly around his deserted mansion for almost an hour of running time, mumbling incoherently to himself, stumbling from room to room pausing only to make himself cereal and something approximating ...

  • Alexander

    Movie Review | | 24th February 2005

    Since Russell Crowe left audiences worldwide either pumped up with testosterone/so turned on that the seat needed sponging down (delete according to sexuality), we've seen the rebirth of "the Historical Epic". Troy, The Last Samurai, and now Alexander have all tried to hang onto Gladiator's money-scented coat tails. S...