Black Widow

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  • Review: Black Widow adds shades of grey to the most interesting Avenger

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 10th July 2021

    People sure like to bitch about Marvel movies, huh? You've got the usual Film Twitter snobs, writing them off as "films for children". You've got the hard nerd right, who never met a female character they couldn't belittle. You've got the cinema purists, claiming they represent everything wrong with cinema and that Disney are sounding the death knell for the industry. We are now, what, 24 movies into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (I'm not checking, I refuse to check) and it's never been easier to write a review of a Marvel movie - just reapply the same argument you did on the previous 23 films, file copy, commence smugness. People like to say the Marvel production line creates "cookie-cutter" movies, like that's somehow a bad thing. What, you don't like fucking cookies now? Enjoy your gluten-free artisanal crackers you tedious bores, because Black Widow is a triple-chocolate chunk cookie of a movie and it goes down real easy.

  • Black Widow will get her own movie

    Movie News | Ali | 22nd September 2010

    Scarlett Johansson's pleather-clad vixen is looking more and more likely to star in her own spin-off movie, post-Avengers. Also, she's totally checking me out. No, don't look a- dammit. Now I'll have to go over.

  • Throwaway comment sees movie blog use pic of Scarlett Johansson

    Movie News | Ali | 25th April 2010

    There was predictability today when a throwaway comment regarding a Black Widow spin-off was considered newsworthy by , who illustrated their story with a picture of Scarlett Johansson.