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  • Blogalongabond #23: Skyfall

    Movie Feature | Luke | 4th December 2012

    Welp, here we are; twelve months of dodgy graphics and suspect gameplay, leading up to this final gamey tribute to the cinematic adventures of James Bond. Along the way we've jumped, ducked and QWOP'd, startled pigeons and murdered monkeys, and lovingly ripped off Canabalt, Doodle Jump, Pilotwings and even SkiFree for Windows 3.1. So what does this final challenge have in store? Let's just say you've got to get angry... you've got to make the Skyfall!

  • Blogalongabond #22: Quantum Of Solace

    Movie Feature | Luke | 22nd October 2012

    In our penultimate Blogalongabond entry, we tackle Marc Forster's oft-misunderstood Quantum Of Solace the only way we know how: BY BLOWING STUFF UP WITH GUNZ GRRRRR (*flexes and pulls muscle at same time*)

  • Blogalongabond #21: Casino Royale

    Movie Feature | Luke | 5th October 2012

    With Skyfall less than a month away, we welcome a new Bond to the Blogalongabond fold in the form of an extremely stony-faced Daniel Craig. Although we'd be welcoming him sooner if our Casino Royale game had actually been on time... whoops.

  • Blogalongabond #20: Die Another Day

    Movie Feature | Luke | 6th September 2012

    This month's Blogalongabond sees us waving goodbye to Pierce Brosnan, which is as good an excuse as any to post a link to this infamous clip from Taffin - after all, it is a handy summary of what it feels like to watch Die Another Day, what with all the in your face effects and all that. Alison Doody handled the Brosrage quite well, I thought.

  • Blogalongabond #19: The World Is Not Enough

    Movie Feature | Luke | 9th August 2012

    This week's Blogalongabond game is actually an extremely late entry for last month, for which I can only apologise. Also apologies in advance for the graphics. And the gameplay. Good luck finding someone to apologise for The World Is Not Enough, though.

  • Blogalongabond #18: Tomorrow Never Dies

    Movie Feature | Luke | 6th July 2012

    Another month, another Bond film, another blown chance to get our Blogalongabond entry in on time. In this late edition we take a look at the highs and lows of Tomorrow Never Dies - literally - as we challenge you to complete James Bond's HALO Jump Challenge!

  • Blogalongabond #17: GoldenEye

    Movie Feature | Luke | 30th May 2012

    Another month, another Bond, another chance to pit yourself against the most challenging in gaming experiences (that we could come up with over a couple of lunch breaks). Keep your eyes on the skies, and don't let the GoldenEye find your weakness!

  • Blogalongabond #16: Licence To Kill

    Movie Feature | Luke | 2nd May 2012

    The good news: our Licence To Kill Blogalongabond entry is only one day two days overdue, yay! The bad news: it is easily the worst piece of crap I have ever produced in my life - and that includes during the hazy few days after I tried to convince everyone 'Steakchoctoberfest' was a real festival, and had to be loaded onto a stretcher using a crane, like some sort of grotesque human pinata. Never again.

  • Blogalongabond #15: The Living Daylights

    Movie Feature | Luke | 9th April 2012

    Yes yes, late to Blogalongabond again, but look: it's Easter, I've been eating chocolate for days, everything has brown smears on it and there are little bits of foil everywhere. You're lucky my eyelids can still open to cobble together this tribute to The Living Daylights from bits of other Bond games, so excuuuuse me if it seems a little crappy and rushed...

  • Blogalongabond #14: A View To A Kill

    Movie Feature | Luke | 24th February 2012

    Can you believe our A View To A Kill Blogalongabond entry is on time? This is good news for two reasons: 1) I got to listen to the Duran Duran theme song earlier than usual, 2) I never have to listen to it ever again.