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  • The Social Network

    Movie Review | Ali | 16th October 2010

    The Social Network is not a movie that sounds good on paper. The origin story of Facebook, the most ubiquitous website on the web? David Fincher ditching his serial killer chic to focus on an internet start-up? Starring Justin Timberlake? Dammit, where's the 'dislike' button on this thing...

  • Another trailer for The Social Network

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 30th July 2010

    Fincher's Facebook odyssey gets a fourth trailer. Trail much?

  • Trailer: The Social Network

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 15th July 2010

    Judging by the accompanying track, 'Creep' by Radiohead, I think it's fair to say this movie about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will not be fair and balanced.

  • Facebook movie The Social Network gets trailer, wall posts

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 10th July 2010

    David Fincher's story of how Facebook was founded has got another trailer. Worth a poke.

  • Facebook: The Movie has a poster - View/Ignore?

    Movie News | Ali | 21st June 2010

    I'm still waiting for the MySpace movie, directed by Brett Ratner.

  • The Book Of Eli

    Movie Review | Darren | 23rd January 2010

    Perhaps it's a reflection on the slightly darker times we live in, but cinema has come over all post-apocalyptic as we enter 2010: vampires preying on the few remaining living in Daybreakers; Viggo Mortensen battling for survival in a grim new world in The Road; and the forthcoming Legion will feature a retelling of the end of days. So much for entering the New year with a sense of optimism. The Book Of Eli furrows all too familiar post-apocalyptic territory with a grim vision of the future that is entirely bland and rather phoney.

  • The Book Of Eli trailer

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 27th September 2009

    Are you a fan of post-apocalyptic road movies, religious allegories and desaturated palletes? This trailer for The Book Of Eli might just tick all your boxes and more.

  • Dorian Gray

    Movie Review | Matt | 10th September 2009

    When Oscar Wilde wasn't declaring his own genius, others did it for him. They still do; the catalogue of his works is considered essential for literary study. What's surprising then about this big screen adaptation of his only novel, A Picture of Dorian Gray, is the liberty taken with the source material.

  • Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

    Movie Review | Ali | 4th July 2009

    First, an admission: I've not read the Harry Potter books. Go ahead: take me out back and shoot me. I've seen the films and enjoyed them as passing distractions, but never felt obliged to comment, given that they're so clearly aimed at the hardcore fans - trying to review them would be like pretending to support a football team ...

  • Marley & Me

    Movie Review | Ali | 11th March 2009

    Rather like how Jennifer Aniston 'comedy' The Break-Up wasn't actually a comedy at all, the former Friend is heading up another fake-out - sold as a warm and bright shaggy rom-com, Marley & Me is actually a thoroughly depressing drama following man, woman and hound as they grow old together. Cat people likely won't give two smal...