Brian Blessed

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  • The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists

    Movie Review | Ali | 29th March 2012

    There are two things guaranteed in this life: 1) Hugh Grant is so debonair he could charm the pants off a concrete nun, and 2) No one does animation quite like Aardman. Put these two sure things together and it's no surprise that The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists is the first truly great animated film of the year: a painstakingly-modelled laugh riot that boggles the mind while tickling the funnybone.

  • Heroes #1: Prince Vultan

    Movie Feature | Gareth | 26th April 2005

    Not many people can lay claim to having made a career out of shouting, but Brian Blessed is one of the sacred few who can. He's loud in that awful MacGyver TV movie, he pumps up the volume as Costner's daddy in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and he's louder still in Blackadder. Nothing can stand in the way of Blessed's bellowin...