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  • Review: El Camino is a familiar dose that goes down easy (drugs)

    Movie Review | Luke Whiston | 27th October 2019

    It would make absolutely no difference to anything whether Breaking Bad spin-off movie El Camino existed or not. If in a few years' time show creator Vince Gilligan responded to a fan question at a Comic Con panel with his plan for Jesse instead, the cultural impact would be much the same. That said, Gilligan can direct the hell out of the world he created and this re-visit is a reminder of the show's absorbing style, and of one of the central tenets of Bad: how much chaos can one person cause?

  • Godzilla

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 12th May 2014

    Godzilla is the kind of excellent monster movie you can only make when you've already seen someone else make it exactly wrong as your reference. Though director Gareth Edwards first movie, the fittingly titled Monsters, was a stunning debut, Roland Emmerich's ill-advised 1998 Godzilla remake acts as Edwards' training wheels – a clear guide on what not to do. Where Emmerich favoured levity, Edwards favours atmosphere; where Emmerich keeps it local, Edwards goes global; Emmerich's disowned creature became officially known as 'Zilla'; Edwards' king of monsters is quickly labelled "a God". And rightly so, because this Godzilla stands tall in the modern pantheon of monster movies: a no-nonsense beast from beyond that makes his 90s counterpart look like a bogey with legs.

  • Trailer breakdown: is Godzilla a graveyard smash? We do the mash

    Movie Trailer | Luke Whiston | 10th December 2013

    Unless you were in a coma until about half an hour ago and have only just got to checking the latest movie trailers (in which case, what the hell? Priorities!), you won't have escaped the first official trailer for a certain large reptilian monster movie making its way onto the internet. I'm talking of course about Gareth Edwards' Godzilla. Just thought I'd clarify that in case you really have been in a coma, or are Google. Breakdown!

  • Breaking Babble

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson, Matt Looker, Ali Gray, Luke Whiston | 2nd October 2013

    We did a quick look round the internet the other day and realised that practically no one is writing anything about Breaking Bad. Way to drop the ball, other websites: it's a pretty big deal, you know! Lucky you've got us around to discuss the face off it. (Spoilers all over the place, obviously.)

  • Everywhere I look I see Walter White

    Movie Feature | Ali | 18th September 2013

    Even this lovely minimalist poster for Alexander Payne's Nebraska gives me a 'meth overlord' vibe. Has... has anyone got any meth?

  • Say my name.

    Movie Feature | Ali | 10th September 2013

    You're damn right.

  • Writer of Lex Luthor casting rumour blows goats, says anonymous source

    Movie News | Ali | 28th August 2013

    While the writers of sit back and enjoy the web traffic they've created by publishing a fake story about Bryan Cranston being cast as Lex Luthor in the forthcoming sequel to Man Of Steel, it has been reported by an unverified, unreported source that the writer of the article sucks goat dick.

  • Breaking Bad: The Fifth Season DVD

    TV Review | Ed Williamson | 4th June 2013

    With only eight episodes to go, I have no idea whatsoever how Breaking Bad's going to finish this year, and even less how I'm going to fill the empty shell of a life it'll leave behind for me. Maybe I'll try and recreate key scenes in the shed.

  • Breaking Ba'ath: Saddam henchman hiding place revealed

    TV News | Ed Williamson | 20th May 2013

    Former Deputy Chairman of the Iraqi Revolutionary Command Council and trusted henchman of Saddam Hussein, Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, has emerged from hiding after nearly a decade. In his time as a fugitive he is thought to have been running a meth lab in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  • Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 19th October 2012

    They left New York. They went to Madagascar. Then they ended up somewhere else in Africa. Now they're in Europe, trying to get back home to New York. It's the Circle of Life. No, hang on, that's ... anyway, here's a pleasant surprise: this animated threequel from DreamWorks is a whole heap of fun. What's more, it represents a film's most effective use of the song 'I Like To Move It' by Reel 2 Reel (feat. The Mad Stuntman) since it was first popularised in the work of Truffaut.