Casino Royale

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  • Secret Cinema Presents Casino Royale is 00-heaven, has a license to thrill, etc

    Movie Feature | Matt Looker | 20th June 2019

    Spies! Guns! Booze! Cars! Booze! If you have ever wondered what the point is of Secret Cinema’s immersive film screenings, or have ever asked yourself why anyone would ever be interested in inhabiting the world of, say, Dr Strangelove, then surely that cynicism ends for this latest 007-themed production. Because who hasn’t imagined themselves as the sharpest, sexiest superspy on the big screen? Who hasn’t wanted to indulge in the frisson of international espionage? Who hasn’t wanted to pretend-win a game of make-believe cards while sipping a themed cocktail named after an obscure Bond reference? This is exactly the kind of cinema that Secret Cinema was made to be secret about!

  • Blogalongabond #21: Casino Royale

    Movie Feature | Luke | 5th October 2012

    With Skyfall less than a month away, we welcome a new Bond to the Blogalongabond fold in the form of an extremely stony-faced Daniel Craig. Although we'd be welcoming him sooner if our Casino Royale game had actually been on time... whoops.

  • Mr White: 'Bond movies are shit'

    Movie News | Ali | 21st February 2010

    It's safe to say Quantum baddie Mr White will probably not be returning to the James Bond franchise, after tearing into the last two movies.

  • Casino Royale

    Movie Review | Mark | 20th November 2006

    No stupid lasers, invisible cars, flying landboats, or improbable gadgets that defy the laws of physics. No Madonna pretending she can act. No idiotic, one-dimensional clichd bad guys with impossible plans to rule the world. No smartass wisecracks from an invincible ubermensch. Just plain old espionage. At last, with Casino ...