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  • Pixels

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 30th July 2015

    One of the many questions that spring to mind while watching Pixels - such as "Why doesn't any of this make any sense?" and "What would it take for Adam Sandler's tired Deputy Dawg face to register an iota of genuine emotion?" - is: Who is this film supposed to be for? As a PG movie packed full of fairly obscure 80s references, you can only assume that its core audience is nostalgic parents who won't mind it when, on the journey home afterwards, their child takes a brief pause from unpacking the latest expansion kit for their favourite immersive online RPG to ask: "What's a Donkey Kong?"

  • 10 possible plots for the Mrs Doubtfire sequel

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 17th April 2014

    It's the news literally three of us have been waiting for: Mrs Doubtfire is finally getting a sequel, 21 years after the original terrified an entire generation. Join me as I speculate on the various different directions returning director Chris Columbus can take Mrs Doubtfire 2.