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  • Actor accidentally reads script note at 0:37 in trailer for Step Up: All In

    Movie News | Ali Gray | 21st March 2014

  • Cuban Fury

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 16th February 2014

    I am an impressionable idiot. Take me to a martial arts movie, I'll come out Kung Fu fighting. Take me to a spy thriller, I'll be eyeing everyone with suspicion in the car park. You don't want to know what I'll do after I see Nymphomaniac. Naturally then, Nick Frost's comedy Cuban Fury - a movie set in and around the world of salsa dancing and rumba rhythms - had me swaying my hips and sashaying down the Jubilee Line all the way home, where I suggested to my wife we take dancing lessons. Me! Someone whose one and only dance move was nicknamed 'The Ali Shuffle'! Cuban Fury may not have the long shelf life of Frost's Cornetto movies, but during that all-too-brief post-movie glow, it serves as a wonderful example of feelgood comedy done right.

  • Is anyone else thinking David Miranda for Strictly Come Dancing?

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 21st August 2013

    He's good-looking, he's recently been in the public eye, and you could easily see him in a silver shirt unbuttoned to the waist. Plus if you can talk to someone for nine hours without revealing anything of substance then you've already done more than enough rehearsal for the post-dance interviews with Tess Daly.

  • Argentinians invent way to make Strictly Come Dancing less shit

    TV Video | Ed Williamson | 10th October 2011

    Thought we were above videos of naked dancing girls to get cheap hits? Or cramming our intros with suggestive keywords like Cinthia Fernandez Strictly Come Dancing Argentina nude naked topless tits dance handjob to snare hapless thrill-seeking Google-searchers? Think again.