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  • Review: Knives Out is a modern-age murder mystery that absolutely kills it

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 4th December 2019

    Traditional murder mysteries must be the hardest stories to write, because audiences are always second-guessing everything, desperate to work out the twist before the genius detective. Writers have to seed important details among their pool of suspects without giving the game away, whilst also offering red herrings that have to feel like they could still be relevant. Meanwhile their audience is constantly reading too much into everything, determined not to be outsmarted. So a film like this one is already at make-or-break point for each viewer. If they don’t guess the killer and the motive, and the reveal still makes sense, then they can be satisfied with the thrill of being outplayed. But if they solve the mystery before the end, it’s "Nah, that’s rubbish, mate. I saw it coming a mile off". And audiences are actively rooting for the latter. They’re the ones with the knives out.

  • How many words did SlashFilm write on the Bond non-announcement?

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 26th July 2017

    Place your bets! I'm going to say between 600 and 700. Let's go and have a look!

  • Spectre

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 21st October 2015

    If Daniel Craig's incarnation of 007 had any agenda over the course of his previous three films, it was to get Bond back to basics, away from the spoofable superspy tropes of volcano lairs and invisible cars. Acting as a prequel series to the franchise sold this idea rather well, presenting us with a simple, bold and brutal spy at the start of his game. The problem is, each Craig film so far has ended with Bond primed and positioned to become the man we see at the start of Dr No, and they have created hidden steps along that journey. As such it has felt like a cheat, like counting down "three, two, one, er... a half, a quarter, an eighth" and so on. But now Spectre really feels like we have finally reached the end of that countdown, and it does so in part by tying all the previous films together into one conclusion. But it also does it by embracing all the embarrassingly awful 007 traditions that this modern Bond had previously shied away from.

  • 9 Bond references you missed in the Spectre teaser trailer

    Movie Feature | Matt Looker | 29th March 2015

    The first trailer for Spectre is finally here and it shows Bond facing his toughest mission yet: sorting through his loft, getting startled by two birds and then attending a board meeting. But look closer and you'll also see some cleverly hidden Easter eggs referencing Bond films of the past. Even the shit ones!

  • Five sexy secrets revealed in close-ups of the new Spectre poster

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 17th March 2015

    By now you've probably already seen the teaser poster for Spectre, complained about how it's just a picture of a man standing up wearing clothes and moved on with your life. But did you really look at it? Because if you really look at it hard enough, so hard your eyes start to hurt, then you'll find a number of sexy secrets that you'll definitely want to share with your friends so the article goes viral.

  • New Bond movie to be banned in UK under strict new porn laws

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 3rd December 2014

    Get it? Spectre? Spanked her? Because spanking is now illegal according to new UK porn laws? Oh, right, because we're all pretending we didn't read up about the new UK porn laws. Well excuse me, you sexless freaks.

  • Mundane Wikipedia Fact of the Day: Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

    Movie Feature | Luke | 31st August 2013

    Thank you, Wikipedia. Join us tomorrow, when we look up whether the groundhog in Groundhog Day was real or a puppet.

  • Bond 24 director shortlist: the yays, the nays and the no ways

    Movie Feature | Neil, Ali | 6th March 2013

    In some of the most exciting news about somebody not doing something ever, it's emerged that Skyfall director Sam Mendes won't be returning to "helm" the next Bond film, even though he never said that he would and often suggested that he wouldn't. Still, that's no reason for us not to pull on our Roger Moore underpants and boot up the Speculatotron 2000, if only so we can say "told you so, ner ner ner-ner-ner" in the unlikely event that we're right. In a Shiznit first, Neil and Ali double-team James Bond to lay down the rules for who should and shouldn't be allowed within megaphoning distance of Bond 24.

  • Skyfall gets extra-classy IMAX poster

    Movie News | Ali | 20th October 2012

    Think they've overdone it on the product placement this time. (IMP).

  • Skyfall

    Movie Review | Ali | 13th October 2012

    After the racing start that was Casino Royale, Quantum Of Solace felt like an unscheduled pitstop; Craig stuck in the driving seat, sitting frustrated and static while the Bond engineers frantically retooled his vehicle against the clock. I'm happy to report that Skyfall sees Bond well and truly back on track: a turbo-boosted return to form with all cylinders firing. It's not without its problems, but Skyfall walks that fine line between homage and evolution so confidently, it frequently breaks into a strut.