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  • David Tennant signs three-year contract to star exclusively in shite movies

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 22nd June 2017

    Actor David Tennant today signed an exclusive three-year contract to star only in shite movies that you wouldn't watch in a million years, not even if you were on a plane, but you guess that somebody must be watching, somewhere.

  • Other things in Broadchurch that people managed to complain about

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 7th January 2015

    Despite Broadchurch being the only good thing on ITV since John Terry fell on his arse taking a penalty in the 2008 Champions League final, some people still had to complain. There was too much mumbling, apparently, and some viewers had to "put the words on". I scoured the internet for more complaints and it turns out this is just the tip of the moanberg.

  • Good job everyone tweeted #BroadchurchReturns

    TV Video | Ed Williamson | 12th December 2014

    Just wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone who tweeted with the hashtag #BroadchurchReturns yesterday to unlock this new trailer for season two. If you hadn't, ITV probably wouldn't have bothered releasing it.

  • Doctor Who's identity crisis

    TV Feature | Iain Robertson | 17th October 2014

    The current series of Doctor Who has been one of the most successful in recent years. The episodes have been pretty much universally praised by critics and fans alike, and the reaction to the latest incarnation of the Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, has been unanimously positive. So why aren't I enjoying it as much as everyone else seems to be?

  • Gracepoint to be loads better than Broadchurch because America

    TV Video | Ed Williamson | 13th May 2014

    It will too, won't it? Even though this pilot looks to be literally identical to the ITV version save for the fact that Nick Nolte's wearing a hat to play the creepy old guy who runs the newsagent and everyone reckons is a paedo, the plan is apparently to take it in a different direction from here. And inevitably it'll be great and no one will be able to remember why they ever watched ITV in the first place. Could you remake Midsomer Murders next please, guys?

  • Your guide to the BBC's Doctor Who 50th anniversary splurge

    TV Feature | Iain Robertson | 27th October 2013

    There's nothing the BBC likes more than blowing its own trumpet. Well, apart from giving oversized pay-offs to departing directors and inexplicably commissioning new sitcoms starring Will Mellor obviously. But otherwise, there's little they like more than reminding us that they are, deservedly, a national treasure. That's why they've announced that next month, in honour of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, they'll be broadcasting nothing else whatsoever apart from tributes to the show, culminating with a 75-minute special episode on the show's anniversary, November 23rd.

  • The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists

    Movie Review | Ali | 29th March 2012

    There are two things guaranteed in this life: 1) Hugh Grant is so debonair he could charm the pants off a concrete nun, and 2) No one does animation quite like Aardman. Put these two sure things together and it's no surprise that The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists is the first truly great animated film of the year: a painstakingly-modelled laugh riot that boggles the mind while tickling the funnybone.

  • Doctor Moo: The Whovie

    Movie News | Ali | 14th November 2011

    Harry Potter director David Yates is to direct a feature-length Doctor Who movie, which will be released in cinemas and everything, and not just on TV at Christmas. Power up the DeLorean!

  • Fright Night

    Movie Review | Ali | 29th August 2011

    We all had a wry chuckle (is there any other kind?) when I mocked Fright Night's draconian embargo policy, but there's nothing funny about Fright Night itself. It's a remake hamstrung by its own total lack of ambition, overshadowed by its own legacy and crippled by needless, awful 3D. Sorry to go for the jugular straight away, but I've been waiting months to get this out of my system. THE INTERNET MUST KNOW MY OPINION.

  • Finally, my Fright Night reactions!

    Movie News | Ali | 22nd July 2011

    After a long, long wait, the embargo for my 'reactions' on horror remake Fright Night has finally been lifted. I'll share my thoughts exclusively, after the jump.