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  • Flowchart to help you decide what is and isn't a "Christmas film"

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 24th December 2016

    With the year's Ghostbusters argument well and truly won by masculine internet men, they need something new to protest against. It seems the new issue facing Men's Rights Activists the world over is this: is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Choke on that, Christmas: I've taken your polite festive holiday and I've thrown a swearing Bruce Willis in it! But is it technically a Christmas movie? The only way to tell is with this flowchart, which uses science to determine exactly which films qualify as Christmas films.

  • Die Hard Week: The next nine Die Hard sequels revealed

    Movie Feature | Ali, Luke | 17th February 2013

    A Good Day To Die Hard has exploded into American cinemas to the tune of a $25 million opening weekend, meaning Die Hard 6 - already confirmed via mumble on Bruce Willis' One Show appearance - is a near certainty. After that? We're planning the next nine Die Hard movies now so they're not such a terrible shock when they actually happen.

  • Die Hard Week: Why Sergeant Al Powell is the worst cop in the LAPD

    Movie Feature | Matt | 16th February 2013

    They could teach him everything about being a cop except how to live with a mistake. And how to NOT SHOOT KIDS, AL.

  • Die Hard Week: 10 most memorable incidental Die Hard characters

    Movie Feature | Ali | 15th February 2013

    John McClane? More like Shmon ShmcShmane. There'd be no Die Hard without Bruce Willis, this we know, but just as important to the franchise are the incidental characters: the single-serving supporting roles who make the most of their miniscule screen time. Stand down, McClane: it's time to big up the little guys.

  • A Good Day To Die Hard

    Movie Review | Ali | 14th February 2013

    The theory goes that the larger you make John McClane's playground, the less fun there is to be had. Since the original Die Hard, we've gone from a building to an airport to a city to the entire Eastern Seaboard, and now with A Good Day To Die Hard, John McClane ventures to Russia, where more fish out of water jokes than ever await. The law of diminishing returns has largely held true, except this fifth Die Hard movie feels slightly less expansive than the last, and is significantly less silly. It's no closer a relation to the 1988 original, and McClane is more of an indestructible Terminator than ever, but you just can't stay mad at it.

  • Die Hard Week: The Complete Die Hard Infographic

    Movie Feature | Ali | 13th February 2013

    This sort of speaks for itself, hopefully. All stats were counted manually, by me, except for the ones that might be wrong, which were done by someone else.

  • Die Hard Week: Six actual films that sound like Die Hard sequels

    Movie Feature | Matt | 13th February 2013

    Eschewing the usual numbering conventions for sequels certainly is 'cool' and 'hip' and 'dopes, man'. And yet, with every 'good day to' and 'live free or', the studio bods responsible run the risk of any old film sounding like part of the Die Hard franchise. Particularly ones that already sound like they are part of the Die Hard franchise.

  • Die Hard Week: I want to hear John McClane say "motherfucker"

    Movie News | Ali | 12th February 2013

    Today the BBFC confirmed what we'd all feared: that A Good Day To Die Hard would be rated 12A in the UK. Which sucks, obviously, because no one likes to see once proud iconoclasts of badass cinema reduced to suckering kids out of their pocket money with a two-bit Punch and Judy show. I'm a paying adult and I want to hear John McClane say the word "motherfucker". I guess I'm just old-fashioned like that.

  • Die Hard Week: 50 things you probably didn't know about Die Hard

    Movie Feature | Ali | 11th February 2013

    Everyone loves Die Hard. Personally, I've seen it over three times (four). It's one of those once-in-a-generation iconic action movies that's so kickass you can't help but adore it. But did you know the Die Hard movies are as fascinating as they are explosive? To get Die Hard Week started, here are 50 bits of amazing Die Hard trivia that prove just that.

  • The 12 most awkward bits in Bruce Willis' One Show appearance

    Movie Feature | Ali | 8th February 2013

    Actor and "star of over 75 movies" Bruce Willis appeared on BBC's flagship prime-time light entertainment show this week, to promote A Good Day To Die Hard. It did not go well.