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  • World Trade Center

    Movie Review | Ali | 4th October 2006

    Are we really ready to see a film about the fall of the Twin Towers? Earlier this year we had Paul Greengrass' United 93, which told the 'forgotten' 9/11 story of the hijacked passenger plane forced to crash land in Pennsylvania; the reason no review was written on this site is because this reviewer found it a thoroughly draini...

  • An Inconvenient Truth

    Movie Review | Ali | 3rd October 2006

    Man, is this ever a hard sell: a former Presidential candidate waxes lyrical on the perils of global warming while his Powerpoint presentation plays in the background, complete with stats, graphs and - gasp - pie charts. Given a choice between this and Clerks 2 et al, the majority of moviegoers will no doubt give it a wide bert...

  • Children Of Men

    Movie Review | Dave | 25th September 2006

    Say what you will about Clive Owen, (for example that he's dull, almost completely inanimate, and has the charisma of Steve Davis on Ritalin), but there's no one out there more suited to the role of a disillusioned British bureaucrat. Whilst his King Arthur had all the dynamic leadership skills of the average Tory party candida...

  • Final Destination 3

    Movie Review | Ali | 2nd March 2006

    The horror genre is already one that can be sliced up in a variety of different ways; there's the slasher flick, the splatter and grindhouse exploitation sub-genres, the more cultured 'psychological' thrillers, the recent worrying trend of 12A sanitised horror movies... the list goes on and on as the genre continues to diversify...

  • The Day After Tomorrow

    Movie Review | Ali | 6th September 2004

    Whether he wants to admit it or not, Roland Emmerich is fast becoming known as the 'Master of Disaster'. With titles like Independence Day and Godzilla under his belt, Emmerich is showing no signs of satisfaction and craves yet more destruction of major cities around the world (showing a particular dislike for New York). Howev...