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  • Elle

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 10th March 2017

    As part of a sustained effort on my part to watch more films featuring female leads and more films in a foreign language (an effort which so far has resulted in me seeing zero of either), I found myself at Elle, the new movie from Paul Verhoeven. Given that it fit those two criteria (Isabelle Huppert? Check! French? Check!) I gamely plopped myself into the screening room chair, not knowing what it was about. Some two and a half hours later, I still wasn't sure. I was told this was an exciting and edgy new thriller from the director of RoboCop.

  • Misfits 3: Should that be Mi3fits?

    TV Review | Kirsty Harrison | 3rd November 2011

    About a year ago, we told you all to watch series two of Misfits. You must have listened, because it's back. Excellent work, masses. But someone's gone astray and they've added a Dingle. Let's have a chat about that. A big SPOILERific chat.

  • Weekend Watchdog: Take That, poor decisions and game shows

    TV Feature | Kirsty | 12th November 2010

    As much as I'd love it, I can't be on everyone's sofa all the time telling them exactly what to watch. Here's a handy guide to this weekend's best bets for a good night in – let's face it, who's going out in this weather?

  • Misfits

    TV News | Kirsty | 11th November 2010

    It’s repeatedly been called Skins-meets-Heroes, and that’s a fair assessment of E4’s award winning SuperChavs teen drama Misfits, which returns to our screens tonight for its second series. It’s like Skins meets Heroes.

  • What to watch? Sunday night drama

    TV Feature | Kirsty | 10th October 2010

    To paraphrase Churchill; never has so much been given to so many by so few. Of course I'm not talking about the RAF (although, thanks lads), I'm talking about BBC, ITV and Sky. Because to my warped tellymind, Sunday night drama scheduling is like the war effort. Oh yes.

  • Watch This: Thursday's a twofer night

    TV Feature | Kirsty | 7th October 2010

    Two new shows start tonight, one looks spooky, intriguing and clever, the other has Maggie Q as a kickass rogue assassin shooting baddies. Good job they're not on at the same time.

  • New Fox Show Good: No-one Cares

    TV Rant | Kirsty | 22nd September 2010

    The end of September brings with it Autumn, the DFS sale and so many new shows your viewing device of choice might explode. Some programmes will make it, some will perish – that’s the circle of TV life – but occasionally some are dashed against the ratings rocks and prematurely bite it. For every NCIS there is a FlashForward.

  • No Encore For Bravo

    TV Rant | Kirsty | 16th September 2010

    BSkyB announces plans to close Bravo, Bravo 2 and Channel One, ruining everyone’s chances to watch back to back Motorway Patrol and Classic Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

  • The Deep

    TV Review | Fiona | 6th September 2010

    I was excited about the BBC’s recent mini-series The Deep. What could be better than a good ol’ fashioned adventure in the mysterious ocean depths? After all, it’s been years since The Abyss (long before Cameron sold his soul for 21 grams of Unobtainium), and I could even overlook my irrational aversion to James Nesbitt. Well, I’ll tell you what could be better; paint drying. Call me Comatose; this was 20,000 leagues of boring.

  • USA Today: Rookie Blue

    TV Review | Fiona | 13th August 2010

    A weekly look at newly minted shows from our Stateside cousins. This week it's the turn of Rookie Blue, ABC's new police drama. It's set in Canada, but doesn't feature a single mountie. There better be at least one deaf wolfhound or I'm going to kick off.