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  • I've forgotten how to review movies and it's all The Boss Baby's fault

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 13th April 2017

    I often look back at old articles on this site, and sometimes I don't recognise the man who ran it. Updates of such ferocious frequency! Four, sometimes five reviews a week! Regular features! Good ones! Critical assessments of films that weren't necessarily within my own sphere of interest! Who was this guy? (Spoiler: it was me). What happened to him? (Spoiler: he had kids).

  • The Croods

    Movie Review | Rob | 20th March 2013

    The Croods raises some interesting questions. Such as: where can I find me some giant corncobs? What's up with that flying tortoise/parrot thing? Is it weird to be attracted to an animalistic red-headed cave girl who runs on all fours? And why can’t I stop staring at that dude's distractingly convincing CGI nipples? At least, these were my thoughts upon leaving the screening of this film. I hope for their sake that the children in attendance weren’t thinking the same as me.

  • New Megamind trailer from Dreamsmirks

    Movie Trailer | Matt | 21st May 2010

    Yup - more of that face.

  • Dreamworks' Megamind teaser trailer

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 18th March 2010

    Here's your first look at Dreamworks' offering for Christmas. Guess what face the main character is making.

  • New trailer for Dreamworks' How To Train Your Dragon

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 27th February 2010

    Destined be known as another movie that's "not in the same league as Pixar" (flashing forward to my own future review there), Dreamworks have nonetheless released another trailer for How To Train Your Dragon.

  • Shrek Forever After trailer

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 18th December 2009

    Damn. I guess the fact there's a trailer for a fourth Shrek film means they're probably going to go ahead and make it, huh?

  • Madagascar

    Movie Review | Ali | 16th July 2005

    It must suck knowing that you can hire all the celebrity voiceovers in the world and create some of the most wonderful computer animation ever seen, and still have to play second fiddle to another company - compare any DreamWorks movie to any Pixar movie and they come off distinctly second-rate. Why? Pixar simply have a much b...