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  • Maniac

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 15th March 2013

    At the screening of Maniac I attended, some journalist types were talking loudly beforehand about hanging prepositions. They were against them, and didn't care much for starting sentences with 'But', either. I resisted the temptation to interject with my view, which is that these tend to form ugly constructions but that arbitrary prohibitive attitudes towards grammar are the enemy of creativity. I don't want to antagonise anyone, after all. But anyway, Maniac is a film you should give a wide berth to.

  • Fight For Your Right Revisited

    Movie Feature | Ali | 8th May 2011

    I was all set to use my unparalleled exclusive access as an iTunes customer to review the new Beastie Boys short film that came with their new album, but then I realised it was on YouTube and you could watch it for free. Durr.

  • Sin City

    Movie Review | Pand | 19th April 2005

    Sin City is the latest attempt to bring a successful comic to the big screen, and damn, if it isn't the yardstick that all future movies following this route should take. It's not so much a movie of a comic as the comic itself in movie form. Robert Rodriguez and author Frank Miller, together with "guest director" Quent...

  • The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King

    Movie Review | Ali | 3rd January 2005

    Bloody hell... where do you start? The final and most exciting chapter of the most ambitious trilogy ever committed to film is gazing down upon us like the eye of the Dark Lord himself - was there ever any chance that Return of the King was going to be rubbish? I can happily report that you were indeed correct in your assumpti...