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  • A special Shiznit investigation: which food is acceptable to eat on a train?

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 1st October 2018

    Earlier this week, an unforeseen event shocked me to my very core. My good friend and colleague Matthew Looker, a professional and a family man, contacted me to inform me of some most distressing news, and he had pictorial evidence: a woman on his packed commuter train home had begun eating a whole melon with a spoon. Not melon chunks, you understand. An entire, spherical melon. No sooner had the perpetrator finished carving the guts out of the melon, satisfying her own perverted craving for flesh, she began carving up a second melon. The carnage was only contained when the carcasses of the large fruits were stored in a Tupperware lunchbox and removed from the theatre of conflict. Regardless, it was clear: the rules had changed, and none of us in the Banter Squad group chat would ever be the same again.

  • If other movies had ice cream tie-ins

    Movie Feature | Luke | 17th July 2013

    With The World's End bringing Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's 'Cornetto Trilogy' to a close this week (our review - hint: it's FAB), we put on our thinking caps and asked ourselves the question: what if other movies had ice cream tie-ins? Literally minutes later this gallery of awful puns and hasty photoshops was the result.

  • Top 20 TV shows of 2011

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson, Matt Looker, Kirsty Harrison, Alex Gregg, Luke Whiston, Ali Gray | 31st December 2011

    You like lists, right? Especially ones that tell you what to think? Step inside, reader: here's the best TV shows of the year, determined by people vaguely qualified to do so.

  • If movie stars opened restaurants

    Movie Feature | Ali | 30th August 2011

    In frankly believable news, Mark Wahlberg and his brother Donnie have come up with the masterstroke of opening a fast food restaurant called 'Wahlburgers', presumably with Mark's name above the door and Donnie flipping burgers. They were going to call it 'Mark & Donnie's Delicious Beef Patties In Baps' until a wittier title was suggested.

  • Fast Food Nation

    Movie Review | Ali | 9th February 2007

    Richard Linklater is a director who point blank refuses to be pigeonholed; try and pin him down to a particular genre and he'll slip out of your grasp like a greased pig. Having recently tackled science fiction with his critically lauded big-screen version of Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly, he's now turning his hand to yet a...