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  • Boardwalk Empire: tease me, tease me baby, till I lose control

    TV Video | Ed Williamson | 27th June 2011

    It ain't half teasing, this here Boardwalk Empire season two teaser. I feel proper teased and no mistake.

  • Boardwalk Empire strikes back

    TV Video | Ed Williamson | 26th May 2011

    Yeah, I know. I'm not proud of myself, but this really is about it coming back. Not specifically 'striking' back, admittedly, but look me in the eye and tell me you would've done different. See? You can't.

  • First trailer for UK thriller Shank aka Broken Britain: The Movie

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 14th February 2010

    Check out the first trailer for British grime movie, Shank: it's The Daily Mail's nightmarish vision of where our fine country is headed. Also, it has the worst movie synopsis ever written, and other stuff to laugh at.

  • Public Enemies

    Movie Review | Ali | 29th June 2009

    On paper, this movie has it all. A credit crunch-defying story about renegades sticking it to the money men. A mouth-watering A-list face-off between two of the coolest bastards on the planet. A director who couldn't direct a shitty shoot-out if Michael Bay had him at gun-point. Why, then, does it feel so lacking? Despite all th...

  • American Gangster

    Movie Review | Ali | 28th November 2007

    Released bang in the middle of Oscar season with the lip-smacking prospect of two of Hollywood's finest actors going toe-to-toe in a gangster epic, Ridley Scott's latest picture promises much but struggles to delivery its weighty payload. American Gangster is a lengthy, character-based rise-and-fall story that pits Denzel Washin...

  • The Departed

    Movie Review | Dave | 14th October 2006

    "Nothing is given to you in this life, son. You have to take it," leers Jack Nicholson in the opening moments of Martin Scorsese's return to the gangster genre in which he made his name. Make no mistakes, whilst this is hyped as Scorsese's return to his roots, from the opening voice-over on, this is Jack's movie. Nicholson ...