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  • Tomorrowland: A World Beyond

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 21st May 2015

    The sole conceit of selling a movie like Tomorrowland is convincing you it's a place you need to visit – a world unlike our own where magical things happen and anything is possible. You cannot accuse of Brad Bird and screenwriter Damon Lindelof of underselling this vision of the future: the first hour of Tomorrowland is all tease and build-up and you're just as desperate to get to the promised land as the characters are. Unfortunately, Tomorrowland is a movie that cannot possibly hope to deliver on that promise; it's a movie chock-full of crackpot invention but is overcrowded with ideas that are ultimately underdeveloped. Tomorrowland is sold expertly as the land of milk and honey – it's such a shame it turns a little sour when you finally get there.

  • The Monuments Men

    Movie Review | Rob Young | 21st February 2014

    Last summer I remember reading about George Clooney and Matt Damon playing basketball at a Cambridge council-run gym. They posed for photos, were called 'lovely people' by the manager and basically had a cracking time in south Cambridgeshire. And while in my neck of the woods, they shot scenes for The Monuments Men at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford: a joyful place I was often taken as a child by an over-eager father keen on Spitfires, but less keen on buying me an Airfix model of one.

  • Five special celebrity guest stars review Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 10th October 2013

    It's the done thing these days to have an expert review a movie for your website. The Hollywood Reporter had Buzz Aldrin give them his opinion on Gravity, FilmDrunk roped in an actual NASA rocket scientist for their review, while Digital Trends had to settle for two plain old astronauts, who hadn't even been on the moon or anything. With no astronauts in my rolodex but a fervent desire to do a smug celebrity guest star review, I found the following five people who had the faintest tangential relationship with the film's subject matter. Enjoy!

  • 16 things we noticed in the Paramount 100th anniversary photo

    Movie Feature | Ali | 12th June 2012

    Hollywood's great and good (and just okay) gathered together in California to shoot a photograph celebrating 100 years of Paramount Pictures. Here's what I spotted in the crowd (sadly, George Clooney didn't have his little finger sticking out of his fly this time).

  • The Descendants

    Movie Review | Matt | 31st January 2012

    Oscar-nominated films tend to fall into one of two categories: stories, true or otherwise, about the struggle to overcome adversity against all odds, and heartwarming dramedies. Surprisingly, this tale of a man trying to reconnect with his daughters while his wife lies comatose in hospital actually falls into the latter category.

  • Films on TV round-up: gold heists, sleepless nights and big fights

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 3rd July 2011

    It's Sunday and I've got a hangover. Don't suppose The Hangover's on this week, is it? No? Right, that's that angle fucked, then.

  • Films on TV round-up: robots, vampires and WAR

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 29th May 2011

    By astonishing coincidence, the key themes of this week's three featured films are exactly those of the script I've been trying to get Hollywood interested in: 'Last Cyborg Out of Saigon: The Bloodsuckening'. Spent three days shopping it round Cannes but there wasn't much take-up, if I'm honest. I mean, I'm not saying it's Citizen Kane or anything but you'd think I'd at least get a call-back off Michael Bay, right?

  • The American

    Movie Review | James | 22nd November 2010

    Imagine The International, In Bruges and A Single Man were all ushered haphazardly into an experimental teleportation device. Following a few flashes of light and screams of terror, a single unearthly being shuffles out of the mist-drenched doorway - ungodly appendages perambulating wildly - combining the respective qualities of each of its components and begging Geena Davis for death. This strange beast of Eldritch lore is The American, George Clooney's latest slow-burning thriller whose soulful charm affects but lapses ultimately into - admittedly engrossing - self-indulgence.

  • New Clooney trailer is a slow-burner

    Movie Trailer | Matt | 4th May 2010

    A trailer for The American, starring 'that guy what used to be in ER', is out. And it looks like a measured, suspenseful film. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the movie yawned and this trailer escaped out its mouth.

  • Up In The Air

    Movie Review | Kirsty | 14th January 2010

    Remember before pre-printed boarding passes, when you'd be queuing at check-in for 30 minutes, manically searching for your passport and tickets, only to have someone roll past you with their top-of-the line Samsonite holdall with dedicated laptop and "liquids" compartments, sail through first class check-in and security and be in their high-end Hertz hire cars before you even had your already dog-eared boarding pass in your sweaty little hand? Don't be too quick to envy their flashy suits and graphite members cards.