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  • Rejected logos for Red 2

    Movie Feature | Matt | 30th April 2013

    These ex-agents may be suffering from old age, but their shrewd marketing department clearly has its finger on the pulse of today's youth. #ROFL #YOLO #TheseAreAllThingsThatYoungPeopleSay

  • Hitchcock

    Movie Review | Matt | 9th February 2013

    No one can deny that Psycho is one of the most groundbreaking, evocative horror movies ever made, so just think of the exciting story behind the business decisions involved in filming it. All that dramatic paperwork, all those engrossing lighting set-ups, the thrilling process of rewriting script drafts. And imagine that incredible, never-saw-it-coming twist ending when the movie definitely gets made.

  • Pacino Phil Spector HBO biopic to be totally serious thing

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 29th January 2013

    "No Al, we know the hair's consistent with Spector's. And ... yes, no, we know it's an outward indicator of his fractured psyche, and ... yes, we ... uh-huh, but we ... no, but the thing ... no, but Al? You know LittleBigPicture? And you know how their standard banner images are 145 pixels high? It's just ... I mean, how are they going to fit the ... Hello? Al?"

  • Arthur

    Movie Review | Rob | 22nd April 2011

    How you choose to take this remake of Dudley Moore's 1981 classic hinges entirely on your tolerance for a certain Russell Brand. Granted, his Arthur 2.0 is a slightly toned-down version of himself, and the pelvic thrusts, sex-mad antics, swearing and prank calls to aging comedians are at a minimum, but if you outright don't like the bloke, a top hat, tails and a cane is hardly going to change that.

  • Brighton Rock

    Movie Review | Anna | 2nd February 2011

    There has to be a very good reason for taking on an adaptation of a beloved book or remaking a classic film - the Coen Brothers doing True Grit makes perfect sense - but I can't fathom the reason for Rowan Joffe reviving Brighton Rock. By any measure it's going to come off badly when compared to Graham Greene's novel or John Boulting's 1947 film. But let's shelve the comparisons for a couple of paragraphs.

  • Movie trailer: The Debt, starring Sam Worthington

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 21st July 2010

    It's a movie about terrorists and Jews, so it's a bit like Munich, only no one has daddy issues and the Hulk isn't in it.