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  • #LFF2012: Beasts Of The Southern Wild

    Movie Review | Matt | 19th October 2012

    Beasts Of The Southern Wild is this year's wreath-laden indie movie of choice: an incredibly slight independent film from a first-time director, with no real plot to speak of, a cast of unknowns – including a tiny yet infinitesimally wise child as its lead – and a GREAT BIG POLITICAL METAPHOR at its heart. Naturally, I felt inclined to hate it upon first sight, but 'Beasts Of The SoWi' (as some horrible hipster shit in my screening called it) defrosted my cold, dead heart like one of those polar ice-caps it pretends to care about. It's actually pretty lovely if you can park the cynicism bus round the back for a bit.

  • If movie characters were hipsters

    Movie Feature | Ali | 1st March 2011

    Blast you, hipsters. Your lensless-spectacle-wearing arsery has invaded the movies. Look, over there! A WiFi-enabled Starbucks with an empty window seat! Now git!