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  • Shock: Movie posters used to be much nicer to look at

    Movie Feature | Ali | 31st March 2013

    I spend approximately eight hours per day staring at film posters, and the other sixteen thinking about the various ways I hate them. It's always nice, then, when I'm given an excuse to figuratively go back in time and look at the film posters of yesteryear, specifically the one-sheet for Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, which is 50 years old this week.

  • Hitchcock

    Movie Review | Matt | 9th February 2013

    No one can deny that Psycho is one of the most groundbreaking, evocative horror movies ever made, so just think of the exciting story behind the business decisions involved in filming it. All that dramatic paperwork, all those engrossing lighting set-ups, the thrilling process of rewriting script drafts. And imagine that incredible, never-saw-it-coming twist ending when the movie definitely gets made.

  • Sunday fun: Spot the difference!

    Movie Feature | Ali | 16th December 2012

    Can you spot the five differences between these two pictures of Toby Jones as Alfred Hitchcock for TV drama The Girl? Take your time!

  • Fans of outdoor cinema, point your wallets at Somerset House

    Movie News | Ali | 18th May 2012

    I think I can assume that you like films by now, but if you also like the outside world, listen up. The film event of the summer (that isn't Prometheus) goes on sale today: Film 4 Summer Screen at Somerset House. I'll be there, if that information somehow influences your decision.

  • Mind-blowing movie-based time-lapse video of the day

    Movie News | Ali | 3rd April 2012

    Courtesy of Jeff Desom of Vimeo (via @James_Warren)

  • Double Take

    Movie Review | Christopher | 11th April 2010

    Double Take is a collage of four distinct narrative strands, some real, some imagined, but all supposedly interlinked with one another. It's probably easier to unpick these strands first, in order to figure out what the heck they're all meant to be doing here together.