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  • First official still of The Rock in Hercules ruined by picture caption

    Movie News | Ali Gray | 24th March 2014

    LOL j/k mr Rock sir.

  • Hit So Hard

    Movie Review | Matt | 18th November 2012

    When, midway through this documentary, Courtney Love unapologetically states that Hole is HER band, there aren’t many that could disagree. She's the frontwoman, the songwriter, the headline-maker and the celebrity relationship-er. So while this film documents drummer Patty Schemel's struggle with drug addiction, you can't help but feel that her main role in rock 'n' roll history has been as a first-hand witness to events more important and interesting than her own story. As such, you really need to be a fan of the band - and not just of the grunge era in general - to really get anything out of this film.

  • Rabbit Hole

    Movie Review | Ali | 1st February 2011

    Last week we ran a pictorial feature on what it would would look like if movie posters had to be honest (maybe you've heard of it, *pout*), so Toy Story 3 became You're Going To Cry, Winter's Bone was Poor People Are Depressing, and so on. My honest review title for Rabbit Hole - which is decidedly cryptic, might I add - would be The Grief Olympics, with Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart in competition to see who can act the saddest.

  • Cinemassholes #8: The Mattress Man from Punch-Drunk Love

    Movie Feature | Ali | 6th January 2011

    Cinemassholes? #8? What? Bear with me - I haven't updated this series since 2005, but I couldn't think of a more perfect place to share with you my love of The Mattress Man from Punch-Drunk Love. Previous cinemassholes included Brodie Bruce, Sean Bateman and The (Now Dead) Old Lady In Titanic. Bitch. You're up to speed. Let's go...

  • The Hole

    Movie Review | Ben | 4th October 2010

    Gremlins. Explorers. The 'Burbs. If these movies mean anything to you then the idea of Joe Dante's return to the type of movies he used to make in the 80s will fill you with glee. Or perhaps, in 2010 should this kind of movie be left in the past?

  • Joe Dante reveals his Hole

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 1st May 2010

    He's been quiet for the last, er, dozen years or so, but director Joe Dante is back with a new 3D movie called The Hole. Er... hooray?

  • Michael Bay directs underwear advert

    Movie News | Ali | 7th December 2009

    People say to Michael Bay, "Hey asshole, your movies are just tits and explosions." Bay smiles, and replies, "Touche". Then he flexes his muscles and rides into the sunset on his Harley to the sounds of Linkin Park.

  • 15 famous movie good guys who were also total dicks

    Movie Feature | Phyllis | 9th September 2009

    Ah, the Good Guy. In movies, he/she is usually played as clean-cut and wholesome. But when the truly enterprising writer goes above and beyond the call of duty, sometimes character flaws combine to make a Good Guy go bad. And sometimes they're just total assholes.

  • Cinemassholes #7: Lee Woo-Jin

    Movie Feature | Chris | 19th August 2005

    In all the annals of cinema, I can think of no single character that so perfectly embodies the term 'asshole' as does Lee Woo-Jin (Yu Ji-Tae), the main antagonist of director Park Chan-Wook's simmering and wholly disturbing revenge thriller, Oldboy. Lee Woo-Jin takes being an asshole to heights previously undreamt of. If being...

  • Cinemassholes #6: Sean Bateman

    Movie Feature | Ali | 12th August 2005

    Some families just ain't right. A week in the life of the Vorhees family would make for interesting reality TV, and you can guarantee the back yard of the Soprano's family home would certainly hold a few surprises. Add the Bateman family to that list. You have to feel for the parents in this case; not only must they turn a bl...