Idina Menzel

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  • Review: Uncut Gems is an anxiety attack in film form

    Movie Review | Luke Whiston | 7th February 2020

    What's the worst lie you've ever told? Let me rephrase that: what's the worst lie you've ever told and got away with? Congratulations! From the synapses snapping away to bring your consciousness to life, to the cells in the blood pumped around your veins, to the atoms in your DNA, and all the stardust delivered on a rock from a galaxy far, far away embedded in your primeval history, that deception is now a part of what makes you uniquely you. So was it worth it?

  • What if John Travolta read the names of the Best Picture nominees?

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 6th March 2014

    We've all had a good laugh at poor old John Travolta for his unfortunate lingual boner at the Oscars - the moment he introduced actress/singer Idina Menzel on stage as "Adele Dazeem", he practically invited the entire internet round to ridicule him. Travolta may have flubbed Menzel's name, but it could have been worse: what if John had been tasked with reading the names of the nine movies nominated for Best Picture? And we all had to just go with it? Let's dare to go to there.