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  • The Raid 2

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 10th April 2014

    I had two criticisms of 2012's The Raid. First, for all its endless, mesmeric punchkickery, it was a little light on character for me. Second, after I'd nodded off halfway in, as any 34-year-old man presented with a warm, dark room is wont to, people kept on waking me up with spontaneous applause. Not only was I now awake, which is annoying in itself, I'd just missed a really good bit. Two years on, a 150-minute sequel sounded like a great opportunity for a proper kip. But no, director Gareth Evans only had to go and make a wonderful, sprawling, epic crime drama even I couldn't sleep through. The bastard.

  • Just in case you were undecided on seeing The Raid this weekend

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 18th May 2012

    An exclusive clip from The Raid might convince you. Full review.

  • The Raid

    Movie Review | Ali | 14th May 2012

    The Raid is a martial arts movie of such ferocious pace, you'll swear you're watching it on the wrong speed. A shaken-up energy drink of a movie, once unleashed it fizzes out of the can, leaving you adrenalized – and sticky. It's the kind of unapologetic action movie – shorn neatly of any unnecessarily frills – that knows its strengths, has a clear goal and homes in on it with laser precision. Entertainment, truly thy name is an Indonesian guy killing a bunch of criminals with a fridge.