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  • Interview: Oh look, it's Olivia Colman

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 18th December 2018

    There's a slight chill in the air as I arrive at London's Dorchester Hotel at 8.55am on a grey November morning. I am directed to the Executive Suite on the fourth floor, where I'm told Olivia is having breakfast; I thank the friendly PR and make my way into the extravagant dining suite, where all manner of jams, marmalades and pastries are laid out alongside eight blends of coffee. Colman is sitting eating alone, and when she sees me she stands up, smiles and greets me warmly, the sun refracting off the room's chandelier, lighting her up like a true movie star from the Golden Age.

    None of this is true, of course, because my interview with Olivia was conducted over email, but I've always wanted to write one of those wanky GQ interview intros where the writer fills up his word count with about a thousand words comparing his subject to an ancient Aztec princess or Anne of Cleves or some shit.

  • 25 geniuses who actually think the Sony hack was a publicity stunt

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 23rd December 2014

    The cyber-detectives of Twitter have seen right through the biggest #conspiracytheory of the year: Sony hacking themselves and flirting with ruin in order to publicise a movie in which Seth Rogen shoves a tracking device up his arse. We're through the looking glass...

  • Interview: Jon Favreau on Swingers, Friends, Iron Man and Chef

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 23rd June 2014

    This may not have escaped your attention, but I like films. I also like food, which definitely hasn't escaped your attention. I've loved the work of Jon Favreau ever since Swingers got me out of a five-year relationship slump, so you can imagine my delight when I learned of Chef: a film about food, written by, directed by and starring Jon Favreau. On the surface it's about sandwiches, but it's really all about getting back to your roots; for Favreau, it's a return to the style which made Swingers so beloved by proto-hipsters like myself. When given the chance to interview Jon, I practically bit his hand off. Because I was hungry. Hungry for journalism. And sandwiches.

  • Rik Mayall: The Lost Interview*

    TV Feature | Matt Looker | 10th June 2014

    *An interview I did with Rik Mayall from last year that I never got round to transcribing and publishing anywhere. For some reason, now seems like an appropriate time...

  • Mini-interview: Mica Levi, composer for Under The Skin

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 11th March 2014

    One of the myriad reasons Jonathan Glazer's Under The Skin is terrifying is composer Mica Levi, the English singer-songwriter tasked with creating a seriously messed up soundscape for Scarlett Johansson to hunt in. Because I'm one seriously connected cool dude (LOL j/k), I scored an exclusive mini-interview with Mica through a friend of a friend. Then about a week later I got a press release from the film's distributors offering a Mica Levi interview to everyone. Still. I got there first. So there.

  • Interview: Drinking in The World's End with Edgar Wright

    Movie Feature | Matt Looker | 1st December 2013

    I realise this is a 10-minute shot of Edgar Wright talking, but just try to imagine cuts away to me asking the questions. If it helps, I was wearing a green jumper.

    Obligatory note: The World's End is STILL out to own on DVD and Blu-ray. Unobligatory note: It's STILL ace.

  • Interview: Drinking in The World's End with Nick Frost

    Movie Feature | Rob Young | 30th November 2013

    Nick Frost is only the fourth person I've ever interviewed. He didn't laugh at my questions, he liked my Beastie Boys t-shirt, said 'The Shiznit'. We became firm friends...I think.

    Obligatory note: The World's End is out to own on DVD and Blu-ray now. Unobligatory note: It's ace.

  • Here is how my interview with Tom Hiddleston began

    Movie News | Ali Gray | 29th October 2013

    This is unrelated to the interview, but you're my most famous Twitter follower. That's a source of great pride.

    Tom Hiddleston: Ah, you're Ali@TheShiznit? Come on! [Offers up a high five] High five to that! You didn't say you were from The Shiznit!

    I tend to not introduce myself as The Shiznit.

    TH: I actually love reading your interviews, they're very interesting.

    And this wasn't even the most embarrassing thing to happen in the interview. You'll have to head on over to Virgin Movies to read the full thing.

  • The BBC's Sound Of Cinema season will make your ears cum

    Movie Feature | Neil | 22nd August 2013

    A few weeks ago I went to the press launch of Sound Of Cinema, a forthcoming three-week season of programmes on the wireless and tellybox provided by the BBC, God bless 'em. In all honesty I should have brought this to your attention sooner but then they went and announced Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor and I decided I should catch up on the last four series having not seen them but let's face facts that's neither here nor there anyway where was I?

  • A series of silly questions about A Field In England with Ben Wheatley

    Movie Feature | Ali | 2nd July 2013

    It occurred to me earlier this week that A Field In England was due out on Friday and that we hadn't done very much on it, save for gawping at the poster. Remembering that I still had director Ben Wheatley's email address from the last time I interviewed him, I fired off a request, expecting him to be busy on a press tour or something. About two minutes later Ben replied, requesting I give him a call instead ("I just did an email interview for someone else and it took me all fucking morning"). I called him. Here's what happened.