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  • Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 20th January 2014

    Jack Ryan is unique in reboot terms, in that you could hardly call him a franchise: with four actors playing a single role over five movies, it feels more like a Doctor Who-esque regeneration than an attempt to rebuild the character from scratch. Despite his myriad abilities, Jack Ryan is not the most adaptable of fellows: there are few drastic differences between Chris Pine's interpretation of the Tom Clancy hero and Ben Affleck's take in The Sum Of All Fears. When you consider just how much America has changed in the last 12 years, in terms of global perception, geo-politics and national security, Shadow Recruit has to go down as a missed opportunity. Apart from an early nod to the September 11th attacks, it could have been written in 2004, 1994 or even 1984. It feels intentionally bland; homogenised so it can play to any audience at any time. Except Russians, obviously.

  • Hollywood in shock as helicopter crashes into Keira Knightley's left tit

    Movie News | Ali Gray | 28th November 2013

    The exploding unnecessary helicopter isn't even my favourite bit of this Jack Ryan poster: it's the tagline.

    America, you're fucked.

  • Okay, which one of you bastards stole Jack Ryan's watch?

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 2nd October 2013

    Wristwatch sponsor TBC, am I right guys?