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  • The Birth Of A Nation

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 12th December 2016

    Can you separate the art from the artist? Is it fair that a film with high hopes of awards potential is now being overlooked because of behind-the-scenes controversy? And should we let a 1999 rape charge brought against filmmaker and star Nate Parker affect how we view his depiction of rape in this film? One thing's for sure, film reviewers everywhere are grateful for being handed an easy opening paragraph before never mentioning the ethical dilemma again for the rest of the review because it's all a bit (*sharp intake of breath*)

  • Parkland

    Movie Review | Rob Young | 18th November 2013

    The assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22nd 1963 is still a source of huge debate. As the 50th anniversary approaches, investigative journalist-turned director Peter Landesman cares not for conspiracy theories, second gunmen, magic bullets, grassy knolls or book depositories. Instead, he's just happy to brag about how much more he knows about JFK than we do.

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street

    Movie Review | Matt | 7th May 2010

    Ok, I'll admit it: I was kidding myself. Blinded by a love of 80s horror, I argued vehemently that this was one franchise that would benefit from, nay, deserved a remake. "Krueger can still be relevant to modern audiences," I said. "The dreamscape terrors would look awesome when rendered with CGI". And yet, for all the heavy-handed jumps and unnecessary gore on display, the biggest shock of the film turned out to be my own disappointment in it.

  • New Freddy Kreuger clip

    Movie News | Matt | 22nd April 2010

    Here's a brand new clip taken from the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street and, by Wes Craven's beard, it still looks promising.

  • New Nightmare on Elm Street trailer

    Movie Trailer | Matt | 25th February 2010

    One, two...Freddy's coming (again) for you...three, four...haven't we seen this all before?

  • Jackie Earle Haley remains coy on playing Green Lantern villain

    Movie News | Ali | 19th October 2009

    The internet says it's happening. The man himself says it's not. But in this crazy, workaday world, which source do you really believe? Attention movie bloggers: if you type it, he will come.

  • Nightmare on Elm Street teaser trailer

    Movie Trailer | Matt | 28th September 2009

    Harrumph! So here's the first teaser trailer for the remade Nightmare on Elm Street. *sigh* Another horror classic gets reimagined in yet another blasphemous attempt to cash in on...holy shit! This one actually looks good!