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  • 3 Best Arnie quotes from the The Last Stand press junket

    Movie Feature | Matt | 23rd January 2013

    When you get the chance to come face to face with The Terminator, you can't pass that up lightly. So when The Running Man came to London to promote new film The Last Stand, I gladly made my way to see Commando in the flesh. And who can blame me? The man was in Kindergarten Cop, for crying out loud.

  • The Last Stand

    Movie Review | Matt | 22nd January 2013

    Arnie's back! Again. But this time he's really back - y'know, just like he used to say his famous saying that he said. He's BACK, and he's older and clunkier than ever so, er... yay? In fact, in this film, he looks less likely to say 'I'll be back' and more likely to say 'Aargh! My back!', amirite? Are we done here? Good, let's move on.