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  • Review: Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is a verbally challenged nostalgia trip

    Movie Review | Luke Whiston | 18th February 2020

    "So you're the target audience for that," a wag tweeted when I expressed an interest in Kevin Smith's first return to the Askewniverse proper since Clerks II in 2006. It's true, I am. And I'm not even that ashamed of it. In fact, Kevin Smith's films have aligned with several formative periods of my life, becoming dashed in parts of my brain like a ship on rocks, so for better or worse I'll always give the guy a chance. Although as much as I'm fond of the silly goof and his sweary adventures, you'll still never catch me in a pair of jorts.

  • Prepare to feel old

    Movie News | Ali | 24th August 2012

    I refuse to watch it again to see how it's aged, because something tells me lines like "Spread my cheeks, so he can see the fucking stink nuggets!" won't hold up all that well. Happy birthday, Jay and Silent Bob.

    UPDATE: It has since been pointed out to me that Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back was released on August 24th, 2001. I knew that. I just thought it was still 2011. Fucking hell, my moral high ground over Kevin Smith gets lower every day.